Canaries will have a few surprises in store for the big boys

Action from the Championship playoff final between Norwich City and Middlesborough - Norwich City ce

Action from the Championship playoff final between Norwich City and Middlesborough - Norwich City celebrate getting to the Premiership - Alex Neil salutes the fans. Picture: Matthew Usher. - Credit: Archant

Alex Neil insists Norwich City will surprise plenty in the Premier League after sealing an instant top-flight return.

The Scot knows the Canaries are likely to be touted for a swift drop back into the Football League, but Neil is adamant Norwich can compete.

'I'm not silly. I know how big the task is. I know how huge the task is,' he said. 'We'll be one of the smallest clubs going into the Premier League, but clubs of similar size do okay. There is no reason we can't do the same. I know it is different levels. I did it with Hamilton. Our job is to compete. We'll need to add quality to the squad, but I'll stick with the hard-core group of the squad. They're capable of staying there, as they've proved before. We have to try and make sure we are not one of those teams scrapping around.'

Neil typically sought to deflect attention from his contribution to those under his command.

'It is difficult to come straight back. Not a lot of teams have done it,' he said. 'It takes bottle to come to a play-off final and perform because every week in the Championship we were reminded of the pressure, we were the best squad and should go up. To carry that and have that dodgy spell and pick it up and drive it home, come here and not be denied, speaks volumes. I'm pleased for everyone else. It is a strange thing to say. The thing that drives me is letting people down and the fact that Norwich showed faith in me, giving me the job, being so young, a lot was made of that. They showed plenty of courage. I'm pleased I've made everybody happy. That means more than anything else and we have sent those fans home happy. My family were here and the last thing I'd want to do is lose and go home with my kids crying.'