Are Norwich City’s loyal supporters marching on in just their slippers?

City fans have had little to shout about this season. Picture: Paul Chesterton/Focus Images Ltd

City fans have had little to shout about this season. Picture: Paul Chesterton/Focus Images Ltd - Credit: Paul Chesterton/Focus Images Ltd

You know what the problem is with Norwich City fans? They are not revolting enough.

Over recent years the demographic has changed: the majority are happy with sitting down watching a game, leaving a minority – in the Snake Pit and the Barclay and the away fans, to make all the noise. That is not a criticism, it is a fact.

And it is why social media talk of a boycott of Carrow Road will succeed only to a point, and a small one at that. Many fans are unhappy with the club; not many of them will voice their opinions loudly enough and long enough to really raise concerned eyebrows in the Boardroom.

How many Board members have their finger on the pulse of their fans' feelings? Social media may be derided by many, but there is no doubt it provides an essential barometer that the Board would be well advised to measure on a regular basis. It may surprise them.

The club as a whole has remained quiet during the most difficult parts of this season, with the exception of a couple of now infamous interviews which hardly allowed for non-partisan participation. Their silence is one of the biggest complaints.

The Canaries Trust, an organisation which is the 15th largest shareholder in the club, yesterday sent an email to the club 'requesting a justification statement if AN is to continue in post'.

The Trust had been highly critical of Jez Moxey and his short tenure as chief executive, and whilst its view of director and future owner Tom Smith has been positive, it is one of the few organisations that publicly raises its voice and pertinently asks questions of the club.

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If you want a sample of what fans are thinking, then how about this from Twitter?

'After last night, is there any #ncfc fan that still thinks AN is the right man for the job?'

'Not bothered anymore have renewed for next season but won't be going again this season.'

'Remember the days when you would check twitter with genuine hope that he'd be gone? I miss those days.'

Twitter, Facebook, other social media – we know the issues and the limitations. But it exists and many people use it to air their genuine thoughts. It should not be completely ignored.