‘I can’t stand Norwich, they’re just that club which irritate me’ – angry Boro fan goes viral after Carrow Road defeat

Boro Fan TV dissect their team's defeat to Norwich City Picture: Youtube.com/BoroFanTV

Boro Fan TV dissect their team's defeat to Norwich City Picture: Youtube.com/BoroFanTV - Credit: Youtube.com/BoroFanTV

Defeat to Norwich City proved just too much to handle for one Middlesbrough fan this weekend, launching into a tirade against the Canaries after his team's 1-0 loss at Carrow Road.

The unnamed supporter spoke to Boro Fan TV following yesterday's Championship game and couldn't hide his annoyance after his team's fourth consecutive defeat to Norwich –without scoring a goal.

It was just a first defeat of the campaign and a third goal conceded for Tony Pulis's side but that apparently didn't soften the blow, with the rant going viral on social media ever since.

'I just hate this club, I can't stand Norwich, man, I hate these lads with a passion, me. Keep singing 'Wembley' and all that stupid stuff that they sing,' he says.

'Listen, Wembley was Wembley and it happened years ago, clearly you still live in the past.'

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At which point a helpful City fan appears in shot to sing 'Wembley' to keep the fires burning.

'Go on, congratulations, you won at Wembley, it was years ago, and what happened the next season? You went down!' he continued, referring to City's 2015 play-off final triumph.

'Well done here today, well done for your three points, but listen man, where you going to go at the end of the season? You're probably going to go down, to League One.'

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After going on to say Boro had made the Canaries look 'like Barcelona' during Saturday's game, the frustration really started to boil over ahead of a long trip back to the north-east.

'It's four-and-a-half hours home, it's absolute rubbish,' the fuming Boro fan added. 'I don't want to come here again next season, if we're still in this division and if they're still in this division because it's twice in a row now.

'I said if Boro get beat at home this season I can take it but I don't want to get beat at Norwich, I can't stand Norwich, they're just that club which irritate me.'

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After some kind of slurred analogy about a dog getting under your feet, he concludes: 'That's Norwich, that's Norwich fans.

'They're not a big club, they do my head in, yes congratulations you won at Wembley, that's all you keep singing, and On the Ball City and all this other stupid stuff that you sing – but I tell you know, you're not going up this season.'

• Watch the full Boro Fan TV video above, which does feature occasional moderate swearing