Amazing what a push of a Twitter button can lead to – ask Norwich City’s Sergi Canos

Sergi Canos - how much does he like Leeds?
Picture: Matthew Usher/Focus Images Ltd

Sergi Canos - how much does he like Leeds? Picture: Matthew Usher/Focus Images Ltd - Credit: Matthew Usher/Focus Images Ltd

It's amazing what the simple action of pressing a button can lead to.

Sergi Canos has been linked with moves left, right and centre out of Norwich City, one of those suggested destinations being Leeds United. His own particular position on the current rumour mill is of great interest to fans of City and the other clubs, the linkees, should we say.

If ever someone wanted to stir up some movement, stick a cattle prod in an owner's backside, or just cause some mischief, then do what Canos has done – on three Tweets linking him with Leeds, the man himself pressed the 'like' button.

Read into it what you will, but in 2017, that means there is something in it. Even if there isn't. For those not on Twitter, it means you have left an indelible footprint on the subject.

The simple action is something of an endorsement. Indeed, it does suggest he 'likes' the idea.

Just that action sends us all into a frenzy... well some of us. Because it's a bit like a footballer talking out of school – it's gold dust to the media and the 'ITKs', or 'in the knows'.

Similarly, consider Ivo Pinto who, on Sunday night, tweeted: 'Yesterday was my birthday, today marks a year since I signed and tomorrow there will be something new. Stay tuned for some good news.'

Cue frenzy as Twitter speculated. A new contract perhaps?

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When it was revealed that the City defender had decided to give his match day shirt to whoever came up with the best Sing Canaries song, there were signs of disappointment. The poor chap had done nothing but good, but earned himself some 'is that it?' reactions.

Once a footballer takes to social media, it then becomes possible for every word to be dissected – and then misinterpreted. It's fun. And a great leader of people up blind alleys.

Here's another: James Maddison put on Instagram a photo of him in an Aberdeen shirt. The assumption was he had returned to the SPL for the rest of the season.

But then the mind ticks over 15 to the dozen. If so, why? Has Alex Neil signed another midfielder? Who? Why? How much? And if he has, does that mean he has sold someone? Who, Why? And how much?

Social media is a great thing, but sometimes you think clubs may be right when they warn players to keep their thoughts to themselves – even if they've done nothing wrong.