A Norwich City away day at Fulham didn’t used to be so bad...

Kevin Drinkell was the last player to score a winner for Norwich at Craven Cottage. Picture: Archant

Kevin Drinkell was the last player to score a winner for Norwich at Craven Cottage. Picture: Archant Library - Credit: Archant

Norwich City season ticket holder Steve Gedge recalls seeing a Norwich City side WIN at Craven Cottage

If you remember the Sixties, you weren't there - or so the saying goes. Well, I did see Norwich City win at Fulham, but it's hard to recall much about, well, just another game really.

No-one realised on Wednesday, January 1, 1986 just what historical significance Kevin Drinkell's winning goal at Craven Cottage would have.

It was certainly a good victory – the seventh in a run of 10 straight successes over a two-and-a-half-month spell.

And having been one of no doubt many City fans whose footballing day had started a few hours earlier by seeing Portsmouth win comfortably 3-1 at Wimbledon a few stops down the District Line, it was doubly enjoyable as it was enough to return the Canaries to the top of the table on goal difference from their Hampshire rivals.

But three decades on it's really hard to recall much about such an obviously historic occasion without recourse to the EDP match report.

Bad weather? Quite possibly, but in an age of plenty of away ends being uncovered terracing poor conditions don't really stand out. A City following of around 1,000? Maybe, but in an age when away travel wasn't in the same league as today, you didn't really tend to register levels of support unless the whole of the away end at Craven Cottage was full - and who thought that might ever happen?

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But the subsequent failings of others in West London have now elevated 1986 to almost legendary status - a real 'I was there'-type moment - and purely for the football, the afternoon does not deserve its mythical tag.

I have to admit I remember far, far more about other away games that season – even three days later when we were thumped 5-0 at Anfield in the FA Cup. Here's hoping that the modern-day Canaries can match the class of 86 tonight - and then we can start eulogising about the 1986 away games which really matter - such as securing promotion in the unlikely setting of the Odsal Stadium, Bradford.