A message to Alex Neil: Norwich City fans still believe you can keep us up

Alex Neil is the best man to keep Norwich City up this season, says Jon Rogers. Picture by Paul Ches

Alex Neil is the best man to keep Norwich City up this season, says Jon Rogers. Picture by Paul Chesterton/Focus Images Ltd - Credit: Paul Chesterton/Focus Images Ltd

I've read and heard a lot of comments after the Villa game about square pegs in round holes about our current team. I'm not so sure that's right.

Currently, it feels more like hexagonal fishfingers in round holes.

Alex Neil is a clever, impressive manager, who is a prepared, thorough and determined. As things stand, through his own admission, he is going through the worst period of his managerial career.

Does he have the ability to get us out of it? Well, it's getting tougher for him as every well thought out plan in his head isn't coming off.

He's had two promotions on his CV, and unless he does something dramatically different, he'll add a relegation on there too. He looks perplexed. Not himself.

In fact, he looks like a man who had spent £25million on the biggest and best fireworks display Norwich has ever seen, and we got a man with ten sparklers in his hand running down Prince Of Wales.

As inexperienced as he is, it feels like he is trying too hard to out-wit the best. The constant chopping and changing make the term 'Tinkerman' seem superfluous, especially when you read our defence has been changed 11 times in 25 games, and we've had five right backs this season and still no clear answer to what our best defence is.

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It feels like Alex Neil is in his 'difficult second album' phase. You know when Wes is played on the left wing, and the reserve keeper is given a go and we end up lumping it up for the big chap up top.

Every manager has had that loss of confidence, but we need to get back to putting players where they are happiest and where they can do the most damage early on. We have the players to do that.

Robbie Brady has gone from an odds-on Barry Butler winner into an ineffective left back who couldn't win on a scratch card.

Jonny Howson on the wing makes me weep buckets and I didn't even cry at Schindler's List or Bambi.

You don't have to tell me that Alex Neil needs my advice like a ice sculpture needs a heat wave – but Al, Big A, Neilo, Old Neilly Noo - here it is.

We have enough players who do excellent jobs in their favourite position.

The defence hasn't been the same for months, and sometimes a little bit of luck will come our way if we let our best three players this season do what they are best at.

Let Wes, left, buzz about like a wasp – annoying and dangerous.

Let Howson bomb on like only he can.

Let Brady whip balls in like the Irish Bale he is.

The mass majority believe in you and your ways, Alex. Just don't let us down. Not now.