A look back at our archive: Norwich City v Tottenham over the years

NCFC v Spurs 3 dec 1983

NCFC v Spurs 3 dec 1983 - Credit: Archant

Here is a look back at our archive of Norwich City v Tottenham ahead of their match Saturday 30 January at 7:45pm

Norwich City can look to two FA Cup successes over Tottenham, one as a non-league team in 1915 and the second as part of the famous 1959 Cup run. In 1973 City lost to Spurs at Wembley in the League Cup Final.

Men who have played for both clubs include Martin Chivers, Martin Peters, Ian Crook, Mark Bowen, Ruel Fox, Paul McVeigh and Gary Doherty.

Our first match, from Division 1, is from 6 March 1976 and City won 3-1. Our second match, again from Division 1, was played on 3 December 1983 and the Canaries won by 2 goals to 1. Our third match, from the Premiership, dates from 2 April 1994 – this time City lost 1-2.

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