Norfolk’s defence of Newton Trophy off to a losing start

Norfolk lost in the Newton Trophy. Picture: Antony Kelly

Norfolk lost in the Newton Trophy. Picture: Antony Kelly - Credit: Eastern Daily Press � 2005

With Norfolk the current national Newton Trophy holders it was hoped to start the season with a win, but they went down to Northamptonshire on a day when windy conditions made play tricky.

R Bunton, D Crosby and P Randall were close for much of the game but won 29-21 and J Groves, K Humphrey and E Feavyour went 10 shots up after 10 ends, winning 30-19.

R Anderson-Dungar. M Sparrow and P Glover came back from 18-9 down to win 29-26 after a change in positions. P Cooke's block lost 25-29, J Sparrow lost 19-34 and P Tree 21-31. Result: 153-160 and 6-16 points.

The Adams team, playing at Holt against Northants, found the opposition in top form, losing 184-127 and 19-3 points. N Blyth, E Clapham and B Sadler won 27-17 and A Sayer, R Greef and C Rowe drew 29-29 with other rinks losing.

The Under 25 teams had two good wins at Huntingdon – the A team won 68-58 for an 8-2 points win and the B team won 64-60, 6-4 points.

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