No excuse for being idle during cold snap

WAVENEY VALLEY: Even when little fishing is available due to the inclement weather there is always something constructive that can be done.

Even when little fishing is available due to the inclement weather there is always something constructive that can be done.

Bungay Cherry Tree AC's website ( contains an excellent section entitled Water Guide 2010 on the main heading bars.

When one of the alphabetical section letters are selected from the main map presented, the viewer is in for a feast of information.

Not only are there pictures of the water and access points, but a series of fantastic aerial views.

These open up the whole scenario, giving an excellent opportunity to suss out bends and protected areas while sitting at home in the warm and dry, building up essential knowledge for another day out.

Another great facility is the Young Anglers tab which contains a wealth of interesting information to inspire enthusiasm alongside picture catches and tackle tips. The site, constructed by the secretary, Mark Casto, is certainly worth a visit.

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t The effect of tons of salt coming into the river system off the roads is fortunately much diluted for most of the Waveney, with partially flooded surrounding marshes to filter it.

The salt run-off into the Chet is limited too, with hardly any roads to pass by.

With a few hardy anglers trying the fluctuating water at the tidal head right in Loddon itself, it was largely unaffected as fish congregated there, and on Pyes Mill Park fields fed well.

Note the Marina's adjacent car parking has changed and is no longer free.

Small roach on the edge of the ice in the basin grabbed a maggot, but quality roach zoomed in on the caster near to the trickle of fresh water of the tiny weir at the Bridge head.

Around 200 yards further downstream at the dyke entry, several bream to 6lb coming up from the Yare with its confluence at Hardley Cross fed.

At dusk Peter Waldron from Lowestoft, carefully and with patience, put 30lb together on the tip in the coloured flow just above the public park, where the fishing is also free.

Further down on the other side at Loddon Common, it was the small spinner which took small jacks that eventually came up trumps for local James Truelove, with a pair of perch around the 2lb mark, which was a highly satisfying catch for the conditions.

Beccles Quay just had a space at the end, but for those addicts still looking for an outing the river between the two bridges was at least fishable.

With the tide tipping full mid-morning this week, a bit of a thaw coming along and the inevitable colour, prospects look a lot better than the low clear water levels of last week.