No change – it’s still slow going

SEA FISHING: I find I'm repeating myself more than a manic parrot! High pressure is in charge and it seems more of the same is the norm with most beaches in the region yielding a few whiting and flatfish.

There have been a few codling in good conditions on the rough ground at Weybourne but these are the exception rather than the rule. The shingle has been pretty consistent for flatfish all through the winter and if there's little in the conditions to encourage you elsewhere it can probably be relied on for a few bites at least.

East Norfolk has been slow with only occasional flatfish and pin whiting showing. Two guys fishing Mundesley did manage a couple of school bass though they were of the size that seem to hang about all winter rather than them be a herald of the spring.

No reports of school bass from the Yarmouth area but more and slightly better quality whiting with the flats, the wreck at Gorleston is also likely to have a codling or two hanging around. The feature of rough ground and wrecks seems to hold true to Lowestoft also. The remains of the old sea walls from Corton to Ness Point provide a tackle hungry area but a fish holding one nonetheless, a few codling to 2lb have shown along here.

I've been told the dabs are a decent quality from Dunwich, Minsmere and Southwold. Flats and whiting are the order of the day from Aldeburgh and Orford.

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