Neil Featherby: My last-minute tips for anyone doing Run Norwich this weekend

Runners will be out in force this weekend at Run Norwich. Photo : Steve Adams

Runners will be out in force this weekend at Run Norwich. Photo : Steve Adams - Credit: Steve Adams

With just a couple of days to go before this weekend's Run Norwich 10k, my brain has been on overload all week with people popping into Sportlink, emailing or messaging me asking for last-minute tips and the best way for them to run in Sunday's race.

This is a normal response, especially for the novice runner to start having last minute concerns such as, have they done enough training, especially when hearing that others have done more.

Or do they need to eat a special diet and for those that perhaps have just pushed themselves a little bit harder than they should have, are now suffering with a cold or indeed an injury, but needless to say still want to run.

The focus should now be only on what you have done so be positive that you will have a great run especially once on that start line.

With regards to a special diet and supplements, this is a 10k not a marathon. Definitely include plenty of complex carbohydrates in your diet between now and Saturday evening, but don't overdo it and certainly do not eat foods which you aren't used too.

MORE: Runners must master the mind as well as their trainingHave a light breakfast about three hours before the race and you will be fine. Make sure you start the run in a hydrated state and sip water or an electrolyte drink every 15 minutes or so whilst going round, especially those who will be out there for close to an hour or more.

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If you have any signs of pain which you know will become progressively worse when running, whilst this may sound disappointing, my advice would be not to do it.

I have advised Mark (Armstrong) to pull out due to his hamstring injury. There are plenty of other runs in the Norfolk race calendar which can still be entered after Sunday, so why make any strain worse to the point where you may need a long time off? Even those who are perhaps doing this as a one off, my advice would still be to think about the consequences if you really do end up hurting yourself badly.

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For those who are suffering with a cold, well once again think about it. If it is on your chest there could be further complications if you push yourself too hard.

MORE: There's an event out there for everyoneThe heart will already be working harder than normal what with your body trying to fight the infection off, so if you do run then make sure you run very easily and at a low intensity. If you have a temperature then definitely forget about even attempting to start.

For the many thousands who will be out there on Sunday morning running in this absolutely fantastic event, remember that you have worked hard for this so be fully focused and positive in the knowledge that you are going to have a great run and enjoy every minute of it.

However, and most importantly, remember that pace makes for the perfect race so don't spoil it by getting carried away once the gun goes.

Have a good one!

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