Neil Featherby: Make sure your goals are clear and tailor your training for success

Neil Featherby urges runners to focus on your goals and tailor your training to them. Picture: Archa

Neil Featherby urges runners to focus on your goals and tailor your training to them. Picture: Archant - Credit: Copyright Archant Norfolk.

With summer nearly over with and the autumn round of half and full marathons just around the corner, many people are now thinking about upping their mileage in respect of running these longer distances.

For many of them, the summer has been geared to running in races at the shorter distances such as the Norwich Road Runners 5k series, or the five mile races at Gt Yarmouth along with the Dereham and Lord Mayors 5k and of course the Run Norwich 10k.

However, now people's thoughts are turning to the longer distances, some are worrying about getting those extra miles in for which many ask the question what is the best way to do this?

Training, whatever the distance should always be well thought out if you want to achieve the best from your running.

MORE: Ever thought about adopting a run-walk strategy?It should be structured and planned to hit specific goals and targets throughout the year.

It is not about trying to match what someone else is doing or has done in the past, it is about very carefully applying the stresses required for the event and applied in a way whereby it is productive for each person to hopefully achieve peak performances when required.

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Whether this means just completing the distance and getting round in a respectable time or of course getting round in a new personal best, when all is said and done and like anything else in life, it will come down to the weeks and months of planning.

For those who have planned well and been consistent with it, it is they who will hopefully be rewarded for all their dedicated efforts.

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