Nathan Dale is a perfect ambasssador for boxing – trainer

Nathan Dale will be hoping to raise his arms in victory again later this month. Picture: Jerry Daws/

Nathan Dale will be hoping to raise his arms in victory again later this month. Picture: Jerry Daws/ - Credit: Jerry Daws /

Trainer Graham Everett believes his next prospective title winner is a shining example to budding young boxers in Norwich.

Nathan Dale has seen his top of the bill fight against Philip Bowes in Norwich later this month elevated to the status of final eliminator for the English super-lightweight title – and victory would put him on the top table in a congested division.

'Nathan is a good lad – he doesn't get into trouble,' said Everett. 'All his aggression is channelled into this gym every day. He is the perfect ambassador for all youngsters coming through – hard work, nice attitude, impeccable manners. Everything about Nathan is right – he is a perfect example for our local young boxers to follow and learn from.'

The build-up to the fight has seen Bowes attempt to start a war of words with Dale, but neither Everett nor the 25-year-old is falling into the trap.

'We are already hearing word from their end that they will give Nathan a boxing lesson that he hasn't been in deep water, and this sort of thing,' said Everett.

'We just worry about getting ourselves in the best condition, mentally and physically, as we can and let them worry about us. It is all part and parcel of boxing.

'He wins this fight it catapults him into English and British title standard – as long as he keeps improving and keeps his work ethics and keeps sparring with the likes of Liam Walsh.'

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Dale's message ahead of the November 25 showdown at The Halls is simple: 'I want to show people how good I can be and this is the start of it. I have seen on social media he wants to come and upset us – so let's see what he can do.

'I can't wait to get out there and fly the colours of Norwich. I am yellow and green through and through and it will be a proud moment for me when I get to have these big fight nights in my home city in front of my home fans and send them home as proud as I will be.

'We're a quiet gym here in Norwich, but I want to make some noise.'

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