Look out for holes in ice to pick up some fine hauls

WEST & FENS: Many waters have a layer of ice on them, including many of the drains.

That means even the pikers are going to struggle to wet a line in many areas this weekend.

But when similar Arctic conditions hit earlier this year, there were fish to be caught for those who weren't put off by dressing up like Nanook of the North.

To fish, you clearly need to find a hole in the ice. Even when large stillwaters freeze, you can sometimes find clear areas – perhaps near overhanging trees.

A tiny spot like that on a pit last winter produced fish one after another, despite being little bigger than your dining room table. I once found a similar spot on a drain, which remained clear while the rest of the waterway froze. The line was freezing in the rings but we were still catching.

Moving water at least offers the chance of some semi-normal winter fishing. Anglers have struggled on the Ouse of late, but the pacier Little Ouse is said to be fishing well for roach.

Bear in mind it's a long drive up an icy track to get there. In fact stay safe everywhere you go this weekend.

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Elsewhere, the Fens are still reeling from the latest pike killing saga – this time a man's been arrested for taking pot shots at fish with a 12-bore.

What next – hand grenades?

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