Liam Walsh v Gervonta Davis: Liam Walsh is Mr Cool, but wouldn’t miss some pre-fight nerves

Mr Cool - Liam Walsh. Picture: Nick Butcher

Mr Cool - Liam Walsh. Picture: Nick Butcher - Credit: Nick Butcher

Liam Walsh is perhaps as laid back as any boxer you will find.

Not for him the boxing extremities of shouting out opponents before, during and after a fight.

He doesn't play up to the camera – there are no histrionics, just business.

It's a relaxed attitude that at times raises eyebrows – the lowering of which usually accompanies another accomplished performance.

But even Walsh himself admits things are a little different at the moment as he prepares for Saturday's IBF world super-featherweight title challenge against Gervonta Davis.

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'There is definitely a different vibe, a different feeling,' said Walsh, who turns 31 today.

'I have trained and done all the same as I have always done. I have not gone all of a sudden, 'let's all panic'. Everything has been the same in training and preparation, but psychologically there is a different feeling to this fight, definitely.'

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Walsh is a veteran of 10 titles fights – for British and Commonwealth super-featherweight belts and the WBO European lightweight title.

He admits to being a creature of habit, but with the stature of Saturday's challenge comes the raised awareness of the consequences of victory.

'I haven't really had to adjust anything,' said Walsh. 'I am hoping this time I might get nervous and a little bit scared, before the fight hopefully, so it will raise my senses and get the best out of me.

'I usually am very excited and buzzing and 'let's get in there', but who knows how I will feel.

'We won't really know until the whip shouts 'two minutes' and you are in and then we will find out, but I am hoping I will get a bit nervous – I probably should do anyway because it is a big, big fight and it could change my life, so I need to be on it.'

If any encouragement is needed it will come in the shape of twin brother Ryan – himself fighting earlier on the card when he defends his British featherweight title – and older brother Michael.

'Me and Ryan have done loads of round,' said Walsh. 'Ryan is a similar stature to Gervonta; he is short, he is squat, he is powerful, he is fast. Michael always helps if he is there or not – he doesn't need people to visibly see him, he is there no matter what.'

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