‘If an opportunity comes knocking at super-feather or lightweight I will consider it, whichever one’ - Liam Walsh

Liam Walsh Picture: Mark Hewlett

Liam Walsh Picture: Mark Hewlett - Credit: Archant

Liam Walsh has moved to the lightweight division for his fight with Maxi Hughes – but admits his future isn't set in stone.

Walsh has primarily traded in the super-featherweight ranks, but it is opportunity that will dictate.

"I could still make super-featherweight, I know I can," said the Cromer fighter, 33. "I am not really struggling for the weight, I am in a good place. Where I am now in my weight I would usually be a week before making super-feather."

While weight is clearly no issue, it's about the doors that open for Walsh - and that is dependant on him beating Hughes at York Hall on Saturday.

"My only little gripe with super-feather is I am obviously going to have to do the process to get a big fight," he said. "I am going to have to do the eliminators, the international titles, so I am probably two, three, four fights there. If they said you have a European shot tomorrow at super-feather I can do it, but I don't really want to do the feeling-out process, I want to go straight in.

"I know I can't do that but yes, if it was said to me we have an international title, an eliminator and we are within one or two fights I would say I could commit 10 months hard and do it properly, otherwise I think it will be lightweight.

"I don't think my stance has ever changed - if an opportunity comes knocking at super-feather or lightweight I will consider it, whichever one."

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Trainer Graham Everett is happy to see Walsh's change of weight.

"It's something I am delighted about, even if we just try it," he said. "I think you will see a bigger, stronger, far more effective Liam Walsh.

"The 5lb difference before the weigh-in, the difference between 9st 4lb and 9st 9lb for me is a lot.

"I believe you will see a physically, happier, stronger more powerful Liam.

"The future is all down to opportunities - if you said you got offered a world title fight at super-featherweight that's where you'd be going, but there seems to be a few openings popping up.

"A victory over Maxi Hughes gives him a chance to get in the WBO top 10, a high ranking, so anything can happen then. He is a very good name, a very good boxer he has a great team at MTK working for him and moving forward it is a very good situation."