Lack of rain sends carp to centre of the lakes

WAVENEY VALLEY: There is still more rain needed to raise rapidly dropping water levels at the margins of many commercials.

It has been commonplace to see the carp moving towards the centre away from just three or four inches in place of 10 or 12 at the edge where every footfall can be detected.

Waters with a bit of distance to cast to, such as Topcroft Fishery, have benefited from their open aspect and a terrain giving opportunity for the breeze rippling the surface to re-oxygenate water.

The feeder here has produced some good quality commons with large banded pellets beating the customary sweetcorn. A stocking boost is on the way to replenish levels.

The warmer the weather the better additives have been working but a strawberry flavour and colouring has made the hook-baits stand out in coloured water and given the best returns.

Pegs just yards from the bottom entry car park are often not the favourites here, but this week threw up several 50lb bags to evening anglers arriving late and fishing on to dusk, while midday trippers faced long barren spells as carp primed all round with annoying regularity.

Marsh Trail Lakes have continued to give pleasure anglers the same dazzling bags of commons as the festival did in C Lake with the pole taking some handsome fish and others stretching the elastic beyond its capacity to break free.

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Frustrated after three hours, Walter Pritty from Lowestoft wapped out a heavy waggler tied straight through to an 8lb durable Maxima, 20 yards, and landed a pair weighing 15lbs 7ozs and 16lbs 12ozs on three grains of sweetcorn on a longish spade end hair rig.

Bungay Cherry Tree AC new books and membership cards are available in the local tackle shops, plus Crossways Store Ellingham, The Outney Common Caravan Park by Clay's roundabout and Phil Burton Photography in the centre of Bungay by the Buttercross.

With new clear directions to the banks, maps and illustrations in a new format, tracking the swim is made easy.

With about seven miles of river and two still waters on offer, it is an attractive package. The club year usually starting June 1, so new members who join now, can get two extra weeks as they can fish from the day they join if it is prior to June 1. Full details of the rates with a Junior Page and the Lottery Funded Ambulant Disabled Anglers leaflet are on a link at