Linnets Ladies beaten by Wroxham in Norfolk cup derby

King's Lynn Ladies Rachel Skinner bends her free kick around the Wroxham wall.

Linnets Rachel Skinner - the Pandora Project POTM - bends her free kick around the Wroxham wall. - Credit: Richard S Brown

Missed opportunities and an early goal by Wroxham Ladies ended King’s Lynn Town Ladies' hopes in the Eastern Region Women’s League Cup in wet and blustery conditions at The Walks.

The Linnets faced off against their Norfolk rivals in what was expected to be an entertaining game, although it never really lived up to the expectation and hype.

King's Lynn's Kimberley Fairweather works to contain the Wroxham attack in midfield.

Kimberley Fairweather works to contain the Wroxham attack in midfield. - Credit: Richards S Brown

Lynn provided the early pressure but with poor finishing and failed to find the net, despite several attempts at goal from Ella Gavaghan and Amy Magnus.

The Linnets attack varied with some excellent runs on both left and right wing, Rachel Skinner playing a pivotal role with her distribution and runs from the midfield.

Wroxham absorbed much of the pressure, relying on the long ball cleared to the forwards, one of whom had the beating of the Linnets defence by three or four yards, only to be caught out by a very effective offside trap on more than one occasion.

King's Lynn Ladies Ella Gavaghan and Amy Magnus combine to attack the Wroxham defence.

Linnets Ella Gavaghan and Amy Magnus combine to attack the Wroxham defence. - Credit: Richard S Brown

With several physical tussles developing in midfield and neither side giving quarter, Wroxham won a free-kick just inside the halfway line. The resultant kick from the left was a high, well-placed ball, straight to the right of the box, which was beautifully collected and driven at pace above the Linnets' diminutive keeper Cristina Vivas by Grace Birchall.

Wroxham’s goal had gone much against the run of play, but Lynn’s dependence on playing the offside trap was caught out with the defence ball watching, allowing the Wroxham attacker both time and space.

Amy Magnus watches another King's Lynn shot go wide with the Wroxham keeper at full stretch.

Amy Magnus watches another Lynn shot go wide with the Wroxham keeper at full stretch. - Credit: Richard S Brown

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Lynn continued to press high for the rest of the half but gave away several sloppy passes, which had been clearly “telegraphed” to the opposition.

The Linnets came back from the break once more the more dominant side but still trailing by that all important early goal.

King's Lynn Ladies Alice Collins

Alice Collins made a return to action, having been out with injury since July of last year - Credit: Richard S Brown

Fran Peeling had an early opportunity cleared off the line and Jodie Hopkins had several shots which either went wide or were quickly gathered up by the Wroxham keeper, who it has to be said, was not really being pressured.

Lynn continued to probe the Wroxham defence but a lack of accuracy and what seemed to be a lack of belief in their shots hitting the target, failed to capitalise on their greater possession.

With the physicality of the midfield tussles continuing, there were several long stoppages for injured players receiving treatment

It was after one such stoppage that the Linnets best opportunity to equalise came, with Rachel Skinner placing a well-struck ball around the Wroxham wall from the top of the penalty box. It missed the target by a matter of inches.

Wroxham weathered the storm and any additional injury time merely came and went without any reply to the score line from the home side.

Linnets' manager Alex Cook said: “This was a game of missed opportunities for us and when we went down a goal that early, we struggled to come back. We are certainly unable to play consistently for 90 minutes at the moment, which is cause for concern.”

Pandora Project PotM: Rachel Skinner

Lynn squad: Tiffany Forshaw, Jodie Hopkins, Amy Magnus, Sam Davis, Kimberley Fairweather, Ella Gavaghan, Frances Peeling, Cristina Vivas, Lily Porter, Rachel Skinner, Stephanie Powell. Subs: Alice Collins, Amy Cropley, Amie Ford, Alexa Hunter (all used), Ellie Prentice (GK - unused)