King's Lynn gearing up for Stars' return

The pyrotechnics fly into the night sky at the Adrian Flux Arena. Picture: Ian Burt

Organisers are gearing up for a return to speedway at King's Lynn - Credit: Ian Burt

King's Lynn Stars promoter Dale Allitt has revealed that Premiership fixture planning is going well and the full list should be available soon.

And with team building rules now in place for the new season, which is due to start in early May, he says the club have been working hard to piece together their team.

They know a British youngster must be included at reserve as it was announced last week that an emphasis on bringing through homegrown talent would become stronger in the next few seasons.

Allitt also believes fans will flock back to the Adrian Flux Arena after being starved of Premiership action since the end of the 2019 season.

He said: “I’m no different to anybody else, I haven’t seen live ice hockey, football or speedway and I would do virtually anything if it meant I could watch it tomorrow, and I’m sure a lot of people are like that.

“We hope our speedway fans will be the same because it won’t be a switch of a button and we’re back to how things were back in October 2019.

“It will be different. What it will be I can’t say at the moment, but I do believe we will be racing this year, we have to it’s as simple as that.

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“As a management team Buster (Chapman), Peter (Schroeck) and I are very passionate about King’s Lynn and we are all desperate to see us out there on track again.”

Allitt says there is a common determination amongst Premiership clubs to get the racing started on time in May.

“I think everyone is of a like-minded opinion that we somehow have to go racing,” he said. “Equally we are very aware that there are things happening in the world that we have no control over.

“Whether we race with six, eight or 10 teams whatever it is we have to try to get racing for the riders, the stadiums and obviously the fans. Without any one of those elements we don’t have a sport. This is where the focus has to be on.”