'I don’t care if I annoy people in the warm-up, I am just going to shout and scream at everybody' - Lynn's Mr Motivator

Simon Power Picture: Ian Burt

Simon Power produced an excellent performance against league leaders Torquay - Credit: Ian Burt

Aaron Jones says he spotted tell-tale sign before the draw with Torquay that King’s Lynn Town were about to produce arguably their best performance of the season. 

The combination of the return of fans to The Walks and a first start of the season for talismanic striker Michael Gash were put forward as major factors as Lynn held the league leaders to a goalless draw, which could so easily have been a home win. 

Kyle Callan-McFadden against Torquay

Kyle Callan-McFadden rises highest in the Torquay penalty area - Credit: Ian Burt

But Jones says something had stirred in the dressing room before kick-off. 

“I think you could sort of tell before the game there was a really good energy about the place and I think when you are injured for two months you start to notice things and one thing I noticed is when the energy is low in the dressing room and in the warm-up before the games sometimes it goes out and translates onto the pitch so that was like my thing on Saturday – I don’t care if I annoy people in the warm-up, I am just going to shout and scream at everybody and encourage people and try and say all the right bits and pieces even if it is a little bit repetitive and a little bit clichéd at times,” said Jones.

“Just try and get in that rhythm of communicating to people because I think we are quite a quiet team at times, but I think Saturday we went in that dressing room before and everyone was talking to each other and giving bits of information about the game plan so it is like trying to match that energy level and communication levels. 

Fans were allowed back into The Walks

Fans were allowed back into The Walks for the first time since March - Credit: Ian Burt

“I think they are huge for us, energy and communication. It is like the really basic things, you can strip it away, take away tactics, take away formations and look at energy and communication. I think if our energy is high and if we communicate as a team, more often than not you know you would like to think that performance would match those things as well, so. It is interesting sometimes being out (injured), giving you perspective on some of things that maybe the squad is missing from a dynamics perspective.”