Jeremy Goss starts training for ‘Back to Bayern’

Welcome to the first of what will be a weekly EDP column keeping you up to speed with my preparations for this insanity I've called 'Back to Bayern'.

Well, I say up to speed. So far it's been more out to seed as I try to persuade my ageing limbs to do as they're told.

But now that the weather's better, I've got no excuses for not taking Norman Tebbitt's advice to 'Get on yer bike', and put in the hard yards if I'm going to be anywhere near fit for the ride.

It's 1,300 miles. Three weeks in the saddle, and heads down through Holland, Germany and Italy. My good friend Rob Taylor, from Cycles UK, which is providing my bike and kit, has worked out a brilliantly detailed route, avoiding the autobahns and the mountains wherever possible. I'm aching even thinking about it.

I've always prided myself on keeping pretty fit, but even so, I'm building up slowly, with a 20-minute run everyday, and more time on a static bike at home.

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The trouble is the body won't always do what the brain tells it these days. As a pro footballer I always enjoyed training, but the best part of 20 years on, I'm like your dad on the dance floor – a bit slow and creaky.

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