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Rain stops another King's Lynn Stars meeting at the Norfolk Arena - something Mads Korneliussen hope

Rain stops another King's Lynn Stars meeting at the Norfolk Arena - something Mads Korneliussen hopes doesn't happen too much this season. Picture: Matthew Usher. - Credit: Matthew Usher

As I sat in Denmark yesterday looking at the forecast for the UK I couldn't help but get annoyed about rain-offs again.

That's not to say we won't be riding at home tonight against Poole Pirates. But the forecast certainly doesn't look good. Which is a horrible feeling when you know you've got a 6.30am flight to get (this morning).

Lynn are one of the best clubs in England for avoiding postponements. Buster Chapman has the best equipment, fresh shale and we get fixtures on that others wouldn't. But I still think track covers could help prevent the weather hurting us.

Some clubs make little to no effort to get fixtures on. There's riders flying in and out of the UK making a lot of effort to ride in this country yet we often land at 9am to a text that says: 'The meeting is off'. It's a waste of time.

Sweden is, for me, the best country in Europe for getting fixtures on in bad weather. They've got the right equipment and track covers. In the long run I'm sure they'd pay as postponements, and re-staged matches, take so much out of everyone's pockets.

It is too easy to call off a meeting, or have a bad track. The BSPA (British Speedway Promoters' Association) and FIM (International Motorcycle Federation) force all sorts of things on riders (mud guards, exhausts, silencers), yet they don't do the same to clubs. Belle Vue's track used to be dangerous for years and they were never fined. They should have been.

If Lynn's match gets called off tonight then I'm in double-trouble, as I could have been riding in Denmark. So that's why it annoys me so much. It really frustrates all of us. Plus, I hate that when Sky Sports are covering a meeting things are pushed a lot more to get fixtures on.

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Some clubs put in extra effort and actually sort out a decent track and put on a good meeting. Some should never have been ridden in the first place. But I suppose that's better than the underhand way some clubs call meetings off.

If riders are missing, or injured, teams will use any excuse – and the rain's the usual one – to call off a meeting. We had one called off at Coventry earlier this season and Rory Schlein said it wasn't even raining. He lives five minutes from their stadium. Postponements should be investigated more thoroughly.

Either way, I hope I am racing at the Norfolk Arena this evening. I've had almost three weeks off and rode in Denmark on Monday without any issues with my shoulder. It's nice to get the first one out of the way. I scored 13 for Outrup, and even beat Niels (Kristian Iversen), so I hope we get the chance to face Poole tonight.

- Mads Korneliussen was speaking to Gavin Caney.

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