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Ex-Lynn ace Darcy Ward, now at Poole, found himself in hot water for smoking marijuana during speedw

Ex-Lynn ace Darcy Ward, now at Poole, found himself in hot water for smoking marijuana during speedway's close season. - Credit: IAN BURT

I wrote about speedway's taboo subjects for the EDP last season – but despite getting lots of positive feedback about the column, nothing has changed.

I speak to lots of guys who still want drink and drug tests. Check-ups on machines. Everyone seems to think it's a good idea but I can't remember ever having a test on anything other than silencers. They regularly get checked, after Edward Kennett (racing for Coventry in 2011) got banned for riding with one that had been tampered.

You do hear lots of rumours and stories about people cheating. And I know for a fact people have cheated in the past. I'm not going to name names. But I'm a very fair guy. And it annoys the hell out of me that people even have the chance of getting away with stuff. When money is at stake, people will always bend the rules.

People in speedway complain that it's going to cost too much money to investigate these issues. But so much cash is wasted constantly in our sport. For example, in Denmark, we can now use the old type of silencers again, and modify them, as long as they are below the maximum decibel level.

It is a step in the wrong direction. It's confusing. And then you get noise tests at fixtures, being done by people who have had 10 to 20 meetings, and lunch, to discuss it all. Which is stupid.

In every sport, people get tested for drugs. It wouldn't take long. It's not about making a big thing of it. Tests should be done regularly. In any other sport, you're never surprised when someone gets tested – or found guilty.

Drugs in speedway got highlighted again during the off-season when Darcy Ward got himself in trouble in Australia for smoking a joint (marijuana). It was bad for him, his sponsors, his clubs and the sport. He says it was a one-off and a mistake that he has apologised for since.

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It's no different I suppose to people going out on New Year's Eve and getting drunker than normal. It's up to Darcy, and everyone, what they do in their spare time. But we can't take any risks, at all, in a sport that is dangerous enough as it is. You can't have anyone out on the track if their reactions are not at 100pc.

My main issue is it's as if people would rather turn a blind eye to it all, or sweep it under the carpet. There's negative stories whenever cheats, or wrong-doing, gets exposed in even bigger sports and events than ours – like the Tour de France.

But it's like nobody wants anything bad written about speedway. I can understand that, in a sense, but I think it's more important that people stay clean and play by the rules.

You hear stories of people riding in Poland and then their engine just disappearing.

What's that all about? Something has to be done from the top. It has to come from the FIM (International Motorcycle Federation) rather than federations like the DMU (Danish Motor Union) and the BSPA (British Speedway Promoters' Association).

But they're all only interested in promoting the sport. They, and everyone else, just try to ssshh it all down. It's as if, like cheating in a relationship, it's all forgotten about and you can't talk about it.

When a referee comes into the pits and tells you to take the muffler off your bike you just do it. Hopefully drug tests and such will be as readily accepted soon by everyone.

Away from my thoughts on all that, let's get on to King's Lynn matters. We lost 48-45 at Poole on Wednesday and looking at it from the outside, then I can understand why people think we should have won. But having been in the pits, I think we're all satisfied with a point.

We just didn't do our job. We had bike problems (Rory Schlein) and a lot of us had a bit of an off night where nothing really came together. So to go to Poole, and still come away with a point despite our problems, is pretty cool.

We've got Coventry at home tonight and away on Friday. On paper, you'd like to think we can win both meetings.

They've had a horrible start so you can say it's a good time to face them. But sometimes that makes you more determined so I'm sure it will be two hard fixtures.

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