Inside Track 2013: Captain Mads Korneliussen’s weekly look inside the Norfolk Arena

Stars' skipper Mads Korneliussen chats with Charlie Webster during Wednesday's meeting against Poole

Stars' skipper Mads Korneliussen chats with Charlie Webster during Wednesday's meeting against Poole - which ended prematurely for him. Picture: Ian Burt - Credit: IAN BURT

Last week wasn't a good one on a personal level – and as a result I can't ride today or tomorrow either.

It started very badly at Lakeside on Tuesday when we lost 53-39. Personally, I thought it was an embarrassment. We made mistakes all night. There are no excuses. It was one of them nights that in the end you just wanted to be over.

Rob (Lyon, team boss) said you always have blips in speedway where you just can't explain what went wrong. We couldn't put a finger on it. I scored 12 and had four brilliant rides, and two bad ones. So I had an up and down one. It was just a very weird night.

To bounce back the next night and beat Poole (49-41) made me really proud. I was really worried before that we would be beaten, if we performed like we did against Lakeside. But we put it behind us and more than made up for it by getting all three league points – which I don't think anybody thought was going to happen.

Everyone had something to prove and Rob told us before the meeting that it hadn't been acceptable at Lakeside. He didn't point out anyone and it's fair to say his speech fired us all up.

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My meeting was going okay until it was ended in heat eight when Dawid Stachyra lost control and smashed into me. I remember the whole thing. I made the start with Seb (Alden) and was running the outside, ready to pull away and join him at the front.

You normally get a sense that someone's going to hit you, but I didn't. It came out of the blue and it was pretty scary. Normally you've got time to try and navigate, prepare, or shut off. But I didn't have the chance.

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I knew straight away it was a bad one. My arm and leg was paralysed, which was pretty frightening. It took 30 minutes to feel my fingers. My shoulder was dead, but later on I was in agony. I went back to the pits and ended up watching the crash over and over. It looked bad and it could have gone a lot worse. I must say, it's up to people if they decide to wear air jackets. But I've been using my Point Two one and you can see it inflates in the air, which helps with the fall. I can't praise them enough.

I grazed all my backside and that was bleeding, so although I wanted to continue, I couldn't. I couldn't hold onto to the bike, let alone sit down! So I was withdrawn from the meeting and tried my best to get behind the boys.

I went to hospital two days afterwards in Denmark. I got painkillers and then went to see a specialist, who I am still seeing. I've stretched two ligaments in my shoulder, suffered whiplash in my neck, and my backside seems like it's healing – only then to start bleeding again. It's not good.

I'm missing both meetings against Swindon, which are two that you don't want to miss. And I'm touch and go for Wolves away on Monday. But I'll be working hard in Denmark to get myself fit again.

In other news, Nicolai Klindt has been replaced in the team and I really feel for him. I'm stuck in the middle. I can see why the club and management have made the change, he's been riding really bad and I've told him that. But maybe there's other reasons for that, like just becoming a dad. He's one of my best friends so I wanted him to succeed. He's had a tough few years. I'll never say anything bad about David Howe, but I'd really like to see Nicolai do well and come back.

I'm sure David has a point to prove though and he was really good at the start of 2012. He enjoyed it then and I'm sure he'll want to stay and ride for as long as he can now.

Finally, I'd just like to say how awesome it is that the King's Lynn Town footballers have been coming down to watch the speedway and support us. I really want to return the favour as they're cool guys. Hopefully, by the time you're reading this, they've been crowned champions!

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