Inside Track 2013: Captain Mads Korneliussen’s weekly look inside the Norfolk Arena

Mads, front middle, checks out the state of the track during Lynn's clash with Peterborough at the N

Mads, front middle, checks out the state of the track during Lynn's clash with Peterborough at the Norfolk Arena on Friday. Picture: Ian Burt. - Credit: IAN BURT

It was great to start our season with two wins over Peterborough – especially as we basically have a new team.

King's Lynn have five new riders and most sides would take time to gel with that many changes. So I can't explain how we've clicked already. It's just one of them things. There were no negative vibes and so far it's just all come together on and off the track.

The banter started straight away, which is good as that's the way I like to work, and it helps get the best out of me. If you can have a laugh and not take everything too seriously, especially when you're not racing, it can help you focus when the tapes go up.

Niels Kristian-Iversen and I rode for Lynn last campaign. But I think he will enjoy it more this year because in 2012 he had a lot of pressure on his shoulders. He hasn't got to go and win every race to keep us in meetings because the team can cover for him now.

Nicolai Klindt is a rider I like and I know he can be a lot better than he has been. This is his year. He can benefit from being at Lynn and having people like me telling him off. He's a great guy, a team guy, and a friend. I really like us being together at three and four and hopefully we'll go on to have a good partnership together.

Rory Schlein is another guy who didn't do as well as he could last year. What I like most about him is he's not afraid to say what's on his mind. He does speak before he thinks, but I like that in a guy. His honesty, for me, is a good quality and I'm sure he can get back to his best with us.

I've known Simon Stead quite a while and although he's a bit of a quiet one, if he rides like he has already for us he'll be absolutely brilliant. I think he wants to show Swindon they made a mistake in letting him go, but he's 100pc committed to Lynn and that's more than good enough for me.

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Seb Alden is very quiet. But he comes out with some funny moments and I hope he's happy here because I believe when he is, and feels welcome, the best results come. I'd say he feels at home because he's had some good scores and we've already seen that he's a racer.

Finally, I really like Kozza Smith. He's an aggressive racer, who gives 100pc, and doesn't mind a crash. He's another one who likes a laugh and completes what is a team full of people who just love to race.

We showed that by winning at home and away to Peterborough on Good Friday and everybody was buzzing, especially Niels, Rob (Lyon, team boss) and I after losing both meetings at Easter last year. We gave it everything because we knew what it meant to the club, the fans and ourselves as it was a derby. Results like that help give something back to the fans, which we're pleased about, as now they can take the mickey out of Panthers' fans until the next time we race them. Peterborough hadn't been on their track at all, which didn't help them, but our track wasn't like it usually is, so I think we deserved to come away with both results.

The home clash was abandoned after 12 heats and even though we won I think it was right to call it off. It got very dangerous and when the guys were coming in saying they were only going half-tilt to look after themselves you knew it had to be knocked on the head. It's a long season and you don't want someone injured on the first night.

Finally, I'm really proud to be captain again and I'm looking forward to doing these columns for a second year. I thought it would be between Rory and I, as Niels doesn't want to be captain, but to get voted in from my team-mates made me really happy as now no-one can question it. I'm looking forward to the test.

My scores against Peterborough (11 and 7) were more like the old me, which is good, because last season I had a lot of things going on and I wasn't always focused on my racing. I'm putting everything into it now and instead of focusing and complaining about any negatives, I'm trying to find solutions to the problem.

We travel to Poole tonight and I believe if we want to get in the play-offs we need to beat the best. I think we can go there and win. The key is at the bottom end. Niels and Rory can match Darcy Ward and Chris Holder so we need to make sure the rest of us are backing them up.

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