Holidaymakers make it hard going on Norfolk’s beaches

The fine weather has seen the region's beaches turned over to the holidaymakers with the anglers limited to time outside of those busy hours.

Some locals have travelled north to Lincolnshire and found some fantastic sport with lots of smoothounds, some to mid double figures, unfortunately we haven't seen many like that this side of the wash.

Sport has been steady with still some smoothound pups, school bass and now a few sole putting in appearances up and down the patch.

The shingle ridge has seen a few mackerel but they are hit and miss as usual.

There have been some school bass for those fishing with bait during the nights. Lure anglers have had limited success despite some pretty good conditions – I'm sure there's good sport to be had if the lure angler can time his session with the mackerel hitting the beach. East Norfolk has been rather slow with only a few sole and school bass in reports.

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There are still some pup smoothounds from Yarmouth down to Lowestoft. The better fish are harder to come by though with odd ones to 7lb being landed. Lowestoft south pier has produced a few sole when conditions have been right.

There have been a few too amongst the school bass and pups from there down to Southwold.

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Looking ahead and with not a lot of wind in the forecast, the only upside to the falling tides is evening high waters.

If it stays flat and warm I think the sole will continue and hopefully the odd better hound along with the pups round Yarmouth way. Failing that it's north of the wash for a crack at some better hounds.

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