Green speaks of exit agony

CHRIS LAKEY Canaries goalkeeper Robert Green has spoken about the moment he knew his World Cup dream was shattered.


Canaries goalkeeper Robert Green spoke yesterday of the moment he knew his World Cup dream was shattered.

Green said the pain was like “someone driving a knife” into his leg and said he felt devastated that his dream of going to Germany with England had been so cruelly snatched away from him.

Green said he was in agony after the injury, which happened less than 10 minutes after he had been introduced as a half-time sub.

“I felt it tweak as I made a save then it ripped,” he said. “I'm devastated.”

Green was said to be putting a brave face on his situation yesterday, when he went for a scan to ascertain the extent of the damage.

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Canaries goalkeeping coach James Hollman, who works with Green on an almost daily basis at the Colney training centre, spoke to thre 26-year-old yesterday morning.

“He's a very strong character so I think he's handling it very well,” said Hollman. “But to have that happen just a few weeks away from the World Cup to such a focused character as Robert is heartbreaking for all concerned.”

Holman said he knew straight away that something was seriously wrong with Green as he crumpled in a heap while taking a goal kick.

“As soon as I saw the goal kick from the camera angle behind the goal I could tell it was something serious,” he said.

“A player at that level doesn't go down like that unless he's seriously hurt. Speaking to Greeny, he described the pain as many other people describe it - he said it was like someone driving a knife into his leg.”

However, Hollman believes Green has the mental ability to overcome the consequences of his injury in the long term.

“He's very focused and knows what he wants and sometimes things like this happen which are outside your control,” he said.

“Sometimes you've just got to pick yourself up and make the best of it and be ready for whatever challenge comes your way. That's life.”