Boxing trainer Everett delighted at a Norfolk ‘first’

Stevi Levy at work at Graham Everett's Norwich gym Picture: Jamie Honeywood

Stevi Levy at work at Graham Everett's Norwich gym Picture: Jamie Honeywood - Credit: Archant

Graham Everett has world, British, European and Commonwealth champions on his training CV, but Stevi Levy presents a 'first'.

Levy looks set to appear on a Norwich show in November as the county's first female boxer.

It's a breakthrough of sorts, and one Everett welcomes.

"It does seem a bit funny having a lady around," he said. "There have been a few in the gym over the past few years but this is the first time we have had a really serious boxer in here.

"Stevi has been around us probably four or five years - and she is a great acquisition to this gym. She is strong, tough determined and such a good learner and so excited - and she will be exciting for fans. She walks into the gym and she lights the gym up so why would we not want to give her the opportunity to fulfil her dream?

"Stevi will be a role model for every female boxer now, she is someone for everyone to look up to. There are a lot of young girls involved in boxing now, and why not? If they are god enough they are good enough, it is as simple as that. Everyone is entitled to an opportunity in life and boxing is going to hopefully change Stevi's life."

The Lads Club gym plays host to amateurs and pros alike, but Everett insists that he and Thaxton - trainer-managers - won't treat Levy any differently from the other pro fighters.

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"She's a boxer - we don't see it any other way," he said. "She has to be treated the same way as anyone else, she is no different.

"Her health is in our hands, we have to do what is right for her.

"Our people go into boxing to achieve everything they can possibly achieve and they come out healthy and well and hopefully make a few pounds on the way - that is our goal with everybody."

While Levy has been a regular visitor to Everett's gym in recent years, there is a link that goes back much further.

"She works at Heros Gym in King's Lynn which is run by a good friend of mine, Melly Payne, who I have known for many years," said Everett.

"He does a good job with everybody that comes from their gym and he will obviously still be involved with Stevi as well."