Gallery: Global craze footgolf tees off in King’s Lynn

Channel 5's Rob Lamarr opens the new FootGolf course at Eagles Golf in Tilney All Saints. Picture: M

Channel 5's Rob Lamarr opens the new FootGolf course at Eagles Golf in Tilney All Saints. Picture: Matthew Usher. - Credit: Matthew Usher

Imagine stepping onto a golf course without a club, or kicking a football into a hole instead of a net.

Well take a regular golf course, widen the holes, grab a football and you've got yourself a game of footgolf.

Standing at the tee without a club, you wouldn't blame me for feeling like I was forgetting something.

But this is set to be a familiar sight at golf courses around the world.

Eagles Golf Centre, at Tilney All Saints, King's Lynn, kicked off the first footgolf course in Norfolk - which will run side by side with its nine-hole golf course.

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The game follows the same rules as golf, but without the need for clubs as players kick the ball down the field and into a bucket-sized cup.

Managing Director of Eagles, David Horn, told me that while the sport won't please some of the more avid golfers, it will be a big boost at a time when golf has fallen flat.

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Golf courses have suffered a decline in revenue and there is a struggle to bring in a younger generation of golfers - which is where footgolf comes into play.

There was a sense of buzz and excitement on launch day to the likes Mr Horn, who has worked at the centre for 27 years, has never heard before.

David cut the ribbon to open the event with King's Lynn born TV presenter Rob Lamarr, who told me that it would have been the perfect sport to play as a child.

Footgolf has the potential to bring more people, especially youngsters, to golf courses as well as aid ailing golf courses financially securing their future.

The impression from many was that the sport could match the popularity of golf - but this will depend on how often people keep coming back, or whether the sport turns into a golf novelty act.

Footgolf will run at the Eagles Golf Centre daily, costing £6.60 for adults and £4.90 for under 16's and over 65's.

For more information contact managing director David Horn on 01553 827147.

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