Football for homework: learn how to finish like Teemu Pukki!

Wroxham Under-6 players and Norwich City fans Freddie Colk, left, and Maxwell Sweatman Picture: Dann

Wroxham Under-6 players and Norwich City fans Freddie Colk, left, and Maxwell Sweatman Picture: Danny Sweatman - Credit: Archant

We’ve teamed up with Norfolk FA to offer our readers skills sessions they can do at home. This week: learning to finish.

Improve your reactions with this fun shooting challenge, and learn to finish like Teemu Pukki!

All children LOVE to score a goal. Football is ultimately about scoring more than your opponent and practising your shooting skills will improve your accuracy - increasing your chances of being on the winning team!

Players will rarely score from the same position on the pitch. Watch highlights from a favourite game and you will notice that these positions of the goal scorer is very varied and can be also scored by a variety of players across the team - from forwards to defenders.

Just because you want to be a defender it doesn’t mean you won’t get a chance of scoring the winning goal from eight yards out!

This session allows players to work on their shooting technique without the requirement to think about it too much! It develops quick reactions and is very much preparing players for scenarios that occur on match days. Being prepared for a football landing near your left or right foot that could be bouncing or rolling away from the goal will increase your chances of finding the net.

What will your celebration be when you score that winning goal?!

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Equipment (be creative)

Football – any size.

A goal or jumpers!

Partner – Persuade a family member.

Progressions to make it harder

Increase distance to goal

Release football onto weaker foot more regularly

Player to aim for specific area of goal

Ask another family member to be a goalkeeper or even a teddy bear!

Session explanation

Player to face goal – appropriate distance away (depending on level of challenge)

Partner stands behind player, holding the football - ready to release it towards the goal. The football can be delivered to the left, right or above the player

Player must not to look behind them but must wait to see the football before they move towards it.

Player to run towards the football and score a goal with their first touch.

Key coaching points

Stay alert and be ready to run towards the football as soon as you see it.

Be aware of where the goal is at all times.

Try and place your non–kicking foot alongside the football when you shoot to add balance.

Keep your body over the football and your eyes positioned on the part of the football you are striking.

Try and stay relaxed.

Top tips

Try and make it as fun as possible – lots of praise for the player – even celebrate with them when they score.

Encourage them to score in a variety of ways – using different parts of their feet/weaker foot.

Ask them to pick their favourite player. Can they score like their hero?!

To continue to develop and support players throughout this challenging time the coaches have also created their very own YouTube channel and can also be regularly found on twitter @WroxhamFC_U6s

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