‘That’s always been home, and it always will be’ - England star looks forward to returning to Holt RFC in future

Ben Youngs on the run Picture: PA

Ben Youngs on the run Picture: PA - Credit: PA

England’s Ben Youngs has paid tribute to one of his former mentors after earning his 100th cap for his country last weekend in the Six Nations win over Italy.

The 31-year-old took part in a series organised by England rugby where players are surprised to talk to one of their former youth coaches.

Youngs was delighted to see his old youth coach at Holt RFC in Mike Bush and the pair reminisced about the days they worked together at Bridge Road.

Here’s how the conversation went:

Mike Bush: You’ve come a long way in those 20 years since the Holt Gladiators - they were very good times, weren’t they?

Ben Youngs: They certainly were, especially the tournaments - I remember the tournaments, we had Norwich Festival didn’t we and North Walsham?

MB: I look at that and we won 14 of those festivals that we entered.

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BY: I know, I remember. We’d always play Braintree and we’d have some epic games against them.

MB: We had some good times, we were very successful, one of the most successful teams you’ve played in!

BY: Yeah, I think it is actually. I think we had the biggest strike rate I’ve played in.

MB: I never did get to thank you for that bottle of champagne you sent me before you went to Japan (World Cup). I never did drink it while you were in Japan for obviously reasons (England lost to South Africa in the final).

BY: If we had won the thing then you could’ve popped the cork and had a good evening.

MB: Well I’m going to save this until you get your 100th cap.

BY: It’ll be amazing but it’s a credit to everyone that has helped me along the way and you especially Bushey.

MB: Well, not me especially but I was just one of the few. You’ve given me the opportunity to enjoy the game and that was all I was after.

BY: Yeah, well I certainly did.

MB: It’s quite extraordinary and for our little old club in the north of Norfolk, we are so very, very proud I can assure you of that. We all love you and we hope we’ll see you up in Holt again, in due course, and they say why finish at 100 (caps)? Perhaps it might go on more and more.

BY: Let’s hope so. Thanks Bushey and what a great surprise, Thank you so much as always. When I’m washed up and retired that’s where I’ll go back to on a Saturday to watch rugby (at Holt). I’ll go back there and I’ll have a great time and for me, that’s always been home, and it always will be.”