Elite League: Wolverhampton Wolves 51, King’s Lynn Stars 41

King's Lynn were denied an Elite League point after a superb comeback at Monmore Green.

A massive 13 points behind after just four races, the Stars gradually hauled themselves back only to fall just short.

There was little hint of the drama to come early on, when Wolves were dominant and Lynn in such disarray that they could not even provide a heat two finisher, Kevin Wolbert falling and impeding Dakota North so badly that he also tumbled.

Referee Margaret Vardy allowed the Wolves pair to continue – Lynn team boss Rob Lyon later described it as a diabolical decision.

But from the moment that Lyon handed the double-point black and white helmet cover to number one Niels-Kristian Iversen at 18-5 down, it was game on.

The Dane combined with Daniel Nermark – both former Wolves riders – for a dominant 8-1 over Nicolai Klindt and Ty Proctor and belief began to course through the visitors' end of the pits.

Maciej Janowski, a distant fourth in his first outing, then stunned the home crowd with a consummate win over home hero Freddie Lindgren.

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And even though Wolves managed a 5-1 in heat eight, Nermark disqualified for clipping Lukasz Sowka and causing both to fall, the Stars refused to lie down.

Another win for Janowski with Kevin Wolbert pipping the erratic Klindt for third closed the gap to eight points.

And the Stars nearly halved the deficit in an extraordinary heat 10.

Mads Korneliussen shepherded Wolbert round for what looked a certain maximum over Lindgren, only for the Swede to gain stunning drive off the inside on the final turn.

The three hurtled for the line virtually abreast and Lindgren pipped Wolbert for second by about a tyre's width.

The Stars were poised for the big finish only for Vardy to disqualify Janowski, who fell in a bump and bore opening turn in heat 13.

That also irked Lyon. 'How you can admit that it was a messy corner and then exclude someone is beyond me,' he said.

'She cost us a point tonight without a doubt.'

Jordan Frampton nearly won the 14th, but was overhauled by Proctor and then locked up causing Wells to fall.

That left the Stars needing a 5-1 in the last for a point, and while the imperious Iversen romped home, Korneliussen could make no impression on Woffinden and Lindgren.

Wolves: Tai Woffinden 11 (1), Ricky Wells 10 (3), Freddie Lindgren 10 (1), Ty Proctor 8 (1), Nicolai Klindt 5, Lukasz Sowka 4 (2), Pontus Aspgren 3 (2).

King's Lynn: Niels-Kristian Iversen 17, Mads Korneliussen 9, Maciej Janowski 6, Daniel Nermark 3 (2), Kevin Wolbert 3, Dakota North 2, Jordan Frampton 1 (1).

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