Eight Bitterns defy the wind

Eight Bitterns and their crews came to a blustery Hickling on Saturday, with strong north-westerlies,.

Despite the race officers placing the course in the most sheltered part of the broad, only four contested the third race, and only one boat completed all four races, each of which comprised a dead run, two beats, and a reach.

John Atkinson and Leona Levine won all three races to take the Sid Wren trophy from David Trower and Bruce Thompson, who lost their rig while doing an extra lap in the second race, having failed to hear the finishing signal against the wind.

Undaunted, they completed the event in Bruce's boat. Wendy Bush got through three different crews in gaining third overall.

Sunday's club sailing was equally testing, with Kevin Postlethwaite (Solo) and Chris Tuckett (Canoe) starring. Northern Rivers sailed their Commodores Cup on Saturday and Green Ginger Trophy pn Sunday, and it was the veteran sailors who did best, John Redding and Bob Nicholls winning both events.