Dries and buzzers working well at Blackdyke fishery

Blackdyke trout fishery 07525 730447. Is in good form with several larger fish being caught. Dries and buzzers are working well with several fish caught on damsels.

On Sunday it is the Blackdykes with Hardys, Greys and Carrilion in attendance. You will be able to try their rods, see the demonstrations and pick up fly fishing sundries from Carrilon. A special price for fishing on the day will be �26 for five fish. Refreshments will be available. For more details, contact Paul Speed.

Willow trout fishery 01986 785392. The cloudy and cooler conditions have seen great top-of-the-water sport at Willow. Black dry flies, emergers, buzzers and hares ears have all caught fish over the past week. For fishing deeper try a boobie fly.

Narborough trout lakes 01760 338005. Has been fishing well with nearly all anglers taking their limits. Best flies have been buzzers, dries, nymphs and goldheads. All three lakes are clear and fishing well.

South Elmham trout lakes 07500 703389. Despite breezy conditions, most anglers attending the open day on Sunday had good catches, the biggest being an 8lb brownie netted by David Hogarth.

Thanks go to the team at Strictly Fly Fishing for the hours of tuition they freely gave on the day. A number of newcomers attended and several new rods and reels were tried and tested with the help of Carrilon, who supplied a varied display on their stand.

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