Dereham Town management team sign new deals

Dereham boss Adam Gusterson, left, and his assistant, Olly Willis Picture: Ian Burt

Dereham boss Adam Gusterson, left, and his assistant, Olly Willis Picture: Ian Burt - Credit: Archant

Adam Gusterson wants Dereham Town to be able to attract the best footballing talent in Norfolk.

The Magpies boss, his assistant Olly Willis and their management team have all committed to the club for a further two years.

“I feel we have an opportunity to capitalise and really bridge a gap locally,” said Gusterson. “Dereham Town has to be a side that players aspire to play for and we are therefore able to attract the best players locally to push us on.

“Aside from King’s Lynn, we are the highest level Norfolk side and it is important we continue to ensure that is the case with continual improvement. Our youth set-up I believe to be the strongest around, so again, we need to ensure that we are attracting the best young players around who will feed into the first team.

“I think it is very difficult to say ‘we want to make the play-offs’ because our league has to be one of the most competitive Step 4 leagues around. Some teams have financial resources to really go and impact a season, so it would be illogical of me to say that’s what we ‘should’ be achieving over this next two years.

“However, if we improve then we know we won’t be too far off and I believe we have a group of players who are now all capable at this level, which stands us in good stead to try and improve on our top-10 finish we would have achieved this season.

“We are also gaining more experience as a group which again is vital in this league. We have young players who are approaching/exceeding 100 games at Step 4 and will only improve for this. n a personal note I learnt loads as a young manager last season.”

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Gusterson said the fact Dereham are making noticeable progress convinced him to put pen to paper on the new deal.

“If we didn’t feel this then I would see little value in us committing as it would be a struggle to look beyond anything more than a season,” he told the club’s official web site. “I genuinely feel that the football club is moving forward across all areas and for us, we want to be on board with helping to drive that. I also look at the playing squad and feel we are in a stronger position than this same time last year where we knew we needed to bring in a number of bodies to make us stronger.”