Dereham in league exit

Dereham have become the third Norfolk club this year to leave the Eastern Counties League set-up.

They have followed in the footsteps of neighbours Fakenham and Lakenham Hewett after failing to fulfil their two most recent fixtures.

Dereham were removed from Division Two after being forced to concede their matches at Mistley and at home to Hadleigh because they were unable to raise a side.

'We have plenty of people who want to play for the club – but sadly we are short of players in the front row and that is why we couldn't play the games,' explained fixture secretary Richard Dunsire.

'We are no longer in the league – and we will be talking this week about what happens next.'

Dereham, who had won two and lost four of their league games this season, have had their results deleted from the record books.

Fakenham suffered a similar fate in February after a poor run of results while Lakenham Hewett left the Eastern Counties League during the summer to focus on the Norfolk Merit Table set-up. Dereham's only option for the rest of the season would appear to be friendlies and the club are on the look-out for front row forwards to bolster their ranks. Anyone interested is asked to email

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