Conference insist Lowestoft must stay in north

Lowestoft Town will play in Conference North next season.

Lowestoft Town will play in Conference North next season. - Credit: Archant

Lowestoft Town have had an appeal to be reinstated into Conference South rejected by the Football Conference.

Salisbury's expulsion from Conference South due to financial troubles left the division a team short and Lowestoft had hoped to switch back from the northern section.

However, thanks to the prospect of a Salisbury appeal the Conference have decided to keep the Trawlerboys in Conference North.

'At Thursday's Football Conference Ltd Board meeting, the Directors considered an application from Lowestoft Town FC to be placed in Conference South division, in the wake of Salisbury City FC's expulsion from the competition.

'The Directors declined the request and confirmed the constitution of divisions for season 2014/15 will not be subject to any further change following the imposition of conditional amendments agreed at the Annual General Meeting.

'Whilst the Board does not accept any right of appeal by Salisbury City FC Ltd against the club's expulsion from membership on July 4th, made in accordance with the Company's Articles of Association, the Board recognises such a challenge may be made against its decision.

'As a consequence of the above, the Conference South division will comprise twenty-one member clubs for season 2014/15 unless any forthcoming challenge from Salisbury City FC Ltd dictates otherwise.'