Commercial Fisheries: Well stocked Larkwood the place for sport


Several different tactics have worked well this week here at Blackdyke trout fishery. Olive buzzers and olive crunchers were working well at the start of the week with the week ending on black tadpoles catching well. The end of the week saw Darren Lee manage 12 on Saturday.

A half hour's free tuition is still available to beginners throughout January. Please ring the lodge to book your time on 07525730447.

Don't forget to get your entries in for the Airflo Bank Masters competition which will be held here on Sunday, February 24 and Sunday, March 17. It's £26 to enter and you receive a goody bag with a line and flys worth over £50.

Please enter at or pick up an entry from the lodge.


The average weight of fish caught at Larkwood this week has risen due to a stocking of larger fish, these fully finned rainbows are giving excellent sport. Two methods have been successful – small marabou tails, pulled very fast just under the surface; or blood worm set at 18' under an indicator. Fish have also been taken on CDC's left static in the surface film.

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We have had several rainbows caught around the 4-5lb mark with the best fish of 6lb 12oz being taken by visiting angler Trevor Taylor.

It is recommended that anglers fish with fluro-carbon leader as the lakes at Larkwood are very clear.


With a cold snap upon us, it is clear that the fish are slightly deeper, although certainly not hugging the bottom as you may expect this time of year. Buzzers left to go down on a long leader have still been working well but patience is key and don't be afraid to have a rest between casts. RMF newcomer Nick Benton landed four rainbows on Saturday using this method. With the weather staying cold and consistent overnight frosts expected, it is advisable to call James in advance to check the status of the lake on 01953 483971