Commercial Fisheries: Barr dishes out tips on techniques

BLACKDYKE: A big thank you to all who attended the Iain Barr day at Blackdyke Trout Fishery on Saturday. Despite the rain in the afternoon a great day was had by all – lots of techniques learnt and several fish caught. This week Michael Glyn had 27 fish on Tuesday on blobs. Paul Smith had 15 on Wednesday on little beetles. Keep moving around the lake and when the fish are found a good day's fishing can be had. Iain's set up was an egg pattern with a buzzer on a dropper – it worked very well and he kept changing the colour of the egg to get a bite.

NAR VALLEY: The unsettled weather has reduced the number of anglers on the bank at the Nar Valley fisheries complex in recent weeks. Fenn Lake and Willow Pool have consistently produced double figure carp with the odd 20 thrown in. Doug's Lake and Johns Pond have had very little attention, and therefore no reported fish catches. Lake Geneva continues to perform with the big fish on the move and willing to feed.

In this last week six 20s and another thirty pound plus fish have been reported. Lake Geneva has turned up a 30 pound plus carp each week since the start of the season in June.

Hobbs Lake Trout Fishery: The first season for this water is drawing to a close (December 31). The water has produced some very exciting trout fishing throughout the season. We are looking forward to an even better new season, starting January 1, 2013. This 25 acre lake has bays and large areas of water to explore, depths range from a few inches to 25 feet.

The trout are stocked from 1lb 8oz to 4lb with the odd much larger fish to enhance the fishery. For membership applications or further information contact Chris on 01553 636507.

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ROCKLANDS MERE: Buzzers and Bloodworms in various guises have accounted for most of the fish over this last week. Fished on a floating line and takes coming no deeper than two feet shows that the fish are still actively feeding even during the colder spells recently and have not yet sulked into the depth in readiness for winter. RMF member John Archer landed 16 rainbows on Friday all of which were successfully returned to fight another day. Apps bloodworms and small black epoxy buzzers were his flies of choice with most fish coming from the far end of the lake. Just a reminder that the annual RMF Christmas Bash will take place on the weekend of December 8/9. There will be drinks and nibbles served on both days, with exclusive weekend only discounts on tackle and season tickets as well as fly tying demonstrations. Book to avoid disappointment. For more information call James at the lodge on 01953 483971.