Bishop recovering after Oulton pile-up

Horsford racer Sam Bishop had to spend his 24th birthday in hospital yesterday as he recovers from being run over in a seven-bike accident at Oulton Park.

Bishop was preparing for Saturday's Metzeler National Superstock 1000 race when he was taken out by a rider on his inside during first practice.

He took evasive action but came off his bike and, in the ensuing pile-up, his leg was ran over by another rider as he lay on the track.

Bishop was taken to the Countess of Chester Hospital, where he spent six hours in surgery and had a blood transfusion following breaks to his femur, tibia and a cracked pelvis.

Bishop's mother, Mary, said: 'Basically he got taken out by a rider falling in front of him. He had to take evasive action, fell off and unfortunately Sam then got hit by a rider behind him – he actually had his leg ran over.

'He's done a good and proper one on his leg really.

'When they thought he had got a pelvic injury they were very concerned until they had ruled out more a serious injury there.

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'They did an abdominal scan to rule out internal injuries and further X-rays, so the panic calmed down a little bit after that.'

A lung complication – common after so long in surgery – has delayed Bishop's transfer to the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital,something expected to happen over the coming days.

'He's having a bit of a joke,' said Mary. 'He's a little bit disgruntled, but he's been cheered up by Facebook which he can get on his mobile phone, so that's keeping him going with all his mates and people contacting him. That's keeping his spirits up.

'It was no one's fault. Seven bikes went down in all and luckily everyone else walked away from it.

'We don't know which rider actually ran him over, but the one who went down first was actually from Huntingdon and he is very sorry.

'He's very upset about it. He feels he caused it. But it's a racing incident and you can't apportion blame.'

Bishop is facing three months of recovery, including physiotherapy, before contemplating when a return to racing could be possible.

'I don't want to ask him whether he will, because I don't want him to say yes,' admitted Mary.

Elsewhere, Brundall's Matt Layt finished 19th in the Superstock 1000, while Norwich's David Gowen failed to make the grid.

Jake Newstead led home the Norwich contingent in the 600s, finishing 22nd from row eight on his Team Tinklers Yamaha.

Alex Barkshire was three places further behind, having started a row behind.

Anthony Rogers was among four riders who failed to make it through the first lap at Oulton Park.