Birthday party for Rory the 30-year-old horse

Rory the horse, aged 30, at Croft Farm Riding Centre in Filby. Photo by Peta Charman.

Rory the horse, aged 30, at Croft Farm Riding Centre in Filby. Photo by Peta Charman. - Credit: Archant

Riders at an east Norfolk stable are throwing a birthday party for a 'grand old man'.

Rory the horse, the oldest equine resident of the Croft Farm Riding Centre in Filby, will be the centre of attention on Bank Holiday Monday when staff and riders lay on a 30th birthday bash.

As well as dressing for the occasion in a birthday banner, Rory will be presented with a specially made birthday cake and given a toast.

At 30 years old, Rory has reached a ripe old age but still does some gentle work at the riding centre.

As a youngster he was involved in show jumping and cross country, but today is used as a Riding for the Disabled horse at Croft Farm. Horses live on average of 25-30 years.

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During his time at Croft Farm, Rory has been ridden by dozens of local people, leaving a generation of horse lovers who remember him well.

Heather Cook, who runs the Croft Farm Riding Centre in Filby and took in Rory when he was seven years old, is hoping friends, former riders and people who learned to ride on Rory will come along to the party.

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'Rory really is the grand old man of the stables,' said Peta Charman, a Riding for the Disabled volunteer who works at Croft Farm.

'He's got a stable where he can look our and watch everything that's going on.

'He's a real character and there's still a lot of go in him, but he's a very gentle horse to work with children.

'And the gentle exercise he gets is good for him, both mentally and physically. It keeps him interested and helps his joints.

The birthday party is taking place from 2pm to 4pm.

For more information, call the riding centre on 01493 368275.

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