Anthony Ogogo pulls out of Floyd Mayweather undercard

Anthony Ogogo has been forced to pull out of the undercard of Floyd Mayweather's title fight against Saul Alvarez next month.

The 24-year-old, who has started his professional career with three victories, was due to feature in Las Vegas but has had to withdraw due to a hand injury.

Ogogo admitted he probably could still have taken the fight against an opponent who was yet to be named but felt it wasn't worth taking the risk of aggravating the problem so early in his boxing career.

'Since my last fight I've picked up a niggly little injury that has restricted my training somewhat,' he said. 'If a gun was held to my head and it was a matter of life or death then I'd probably be able to compete but I'm not in this game for probablies and possiblies. I one day want to be the best. That's not going to happen if I take chances with my career. If I only train at 75pc when the going gets tough I'll only be able to deliver 75pc of my true ability.

'It's been such a tough decision to make. I'd have loved nothing more than to be around Team Mayweather on fight week and learned from the great man himself, watched how he conducted himself around his adoring fans and pick up as many tips as I could to hold me in good stead for when I'm fighting and defending world titles myself.'

Ogogo has now set his sights on two more fights in the UK before the end of the year after his promoters Golden Boy brokered a deal with Matchroom for the Lowestoft boxer to appear on their fight nights.

But for now he is focused on working with his medical team to ensure his rehabilitation continues without any hitches.

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'I'm a very fortunate young man, I've spoken before about how brilliant my team are, and fortunately the medical department of my team are second to none.

'My physio, John Bower, has become not just a great physio to me, but a true friend. I value his guidance on a professional aspect as I do our friendship on a personal one. John has stitched me up and got me back out ready to war week after week since we've been together and I'm lucky to have him.

'It's been such a tough decision to make due to the enormity of the stage. But due to that reason I'd want to impress and try my hardest to steal the show. At only 75pc I wouldn't be able to do that. There's nothing worse than seeing a boxer under perform then sit on the ring apron and complain about his training camp. I've lost respect for many a boxer by doing that and I wouldn't want to be a hypocrite.'