Another record set in Breckland event

A national 12 hour time trial record was set in Norfolk in the CC Breckland event – the third year in succession it has happened.

This time it was the 1993 tricycle record that Barry Charlton (Swinnerton Lyme RC) revised to 258.998 miles.

Conditions were by no means favourable – there was a relentless wind from which there was little shelter on the many miles on the A11 that form the first part of the day. Indeed bicycle winner Adam Topham (High Wycombe CC) who covered 295 miles said: 'All things considered I rate that my best ever performance' – even though last year in the same event he went 11 miles further.

The East District Championship was won by Jason Turner (Norwich ABC), with 255 miles, ahead of Anglia Velo rider Danny Watkins (243), who happens to live on the finishing circuit at Hingham.

Watkins rode half the event on his training bike after mechanical troubles.

Sadly this is very likely to be the last Norfolk 12-hour time trial, unless a new promoter comes forward.

CC Breckland's Don Saunders has organised the event for more than 25 years, but has made a firm decision to call it a day. He emphasises that he would give full assistance to any new organiser or club willing to take on the task.

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A five-man relay team from Norwich-based Team CCN beat 46 other MTB outfits to win the Bontrager 24-hour race near Plymouth. Team members Darren Evans, Shaun Aldous, Glenn and Tom Stanford and Richard Dunnett carried their Torq/Chain Reaction/Streetlife colours over 42 hilly laps – each taking one lap at a time thus sacrificing any opportunity for sleep. It was dry until a dawn downpour, after which Aldous was unlucky to crash on a wet wooden bridge at the bottom of a descent – just before the organisers re-routed the course to avoid the hazard.

For Richard Dunnett this was just a final warm-up for his ride in The Transcontinental unsupported race from London to Istanbul which starts this coming weekend.

Riding a full-on road racing bike with just a bivvy bag for the nights, Dunnett is hoping to cover 250 miles a day and reach the Bosporus in just eight days. His progress can be followed at

Last Wednesday's race in the Lotus Cars Series used a scratch format.

After several breakaway attempts were brought back, the field came together with 800 metres to go at which point Liam Gentry (Strada) and Martin Ruepp (Iceni Velo) attacked, with Mark Westrup (Strada) and James Browne (VC Norwich) in hot pursuit.

At the line it was Ruepp from Browne, then Westrup with Gentry fourth.


Provisional result, CC Breckland 12-Hour, Scoulton: 1 Adam Topham (High Wycombe CC) 296.202 miles, 2 M Turnbull (Leigh Premier) 295.23, 3 D Shepherd (GS Stella) 288.809, 4 L Tunnicliffe (High Wycombe CC) 287.956, 5 J Wainman (Team Swift) 282.659, 6 T Davies (Icknield RC) 276.608. EDCA Championship: 1 Jason Turner (Norwich ABC) 255.694, 2 D Watkins (Anglia Velo) 243.326, 3 S Hardy (King's Lynn CC) 231:122.

Lady: Jasmine Muller (Kingston Whs) 252.545. Tricycle: Barry Charlton (Swinnerton Lyme RC) 258.998 (competition record).