Angling results and fixtures

Open and club match results and fixtures.


Bridge Farm, Litcham: Rickey James (Southerly) 79lb 8oz, Neil Paske (Dereham) 49lb 10oz, Andy Della (Oakwood) 40lb 14oz

Wicklewood Lake: Cheryl Harmer 14lb 14oz, G Smith 14lb 4oz, B Harmer 8lb 12oz

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Marsh Trail Lakes Open Lake C: Eddie Davidson 28lb 0oz, Kevin Howard 20lb 4oz, Philip Trevor 19lb 1oz. Section A: Mal Runacres 18lb 6oz. Section B: Gary Button 13lb 3oz

Barford Two-Day Festival: Day 1 (Wllow Lake): D Cooper (PWA) 65lb 13oz, B Smith (Stalham) 52lb 10oz. (Match Lake): D Warhurst (Beaver) 98lb 1oz, M Bradford (Fakenham) 89lb 2oz. Day 2 (Willow Lake): P Ashford (Barford Tackle) 92lb 1oz, I Bailey (Dukes) 91lb 5oz. (Match Lake): K Ford (Barford Tackle) 114lb 12oz, M Pickle (Hall's Tackle) 112lb 14oz. Overall: B Smith (Stalham) 5pp (142lb 15oz), S Warhurst (Beaver) 6pp (162lb 15oz), P Ashford (Barford Tackle) 6pp (156lb 9oz), D Cooper (PWA) 8pp (162lb 15oz), N Smith (North Walsham) 8pp (109lb 6oz), K Ford (Barford Tackle) 9pp (129lb 7oz).

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Holly Farm (South Walsham): J Randell (Sensas) 126lb 0oz, J Hehir (Stalham) 97lb 0oz, M Surnam (Norwich) 92lb 0oz.

Hill Farm: D Chadwick (Wymondham) 32lb 14oz, B Able (Norwich) 32lb 9oz, C Spelman (Nomads) 22lb 1oz.

Mill Farm (Sun): T Smith (Norwich) 88lb 4oz, M Pope (Norwich) 82lb 10oz, S Denmark (Norwich) 74lb 1oz. (Mon): A Denmark (Norwich) 95lb 4oz, D Magimm (Tacolneston) 83lb 14oz, K Bird (Banham) 72lb 12oz.

Barford midweek: R King (Barford Tackle) 68lb 8oz, D Jarvis (Angling Direct) 66lb 2oz, C Cooper (PWA) 66lb 1oz.

Hinderclay (Sat): J Rigby (Hinderclay) 94lb 7oz, J Odey (Methwold) 81lb 14oz, A Coleman (Bait Tech) 79lb 0oz. (Sun): T Brooks (Thetford) 79lb 1oz, B Wessells (Bait Tech) 64lb 12oz, N Shipp (Hinderclay) 47lb 4oz.


Sportsmans Never Turn Back (Besthorpe): K Hodgins 69lb 9oz, S Huggins 21lb 6oz, B Silverwood 19lb 2oz

Dereham & District AC (Hingham Fishmere): Leon Skipper 48lb 5oz, Steve Brown 31lb 10oz, Neil Paske 30lb 6oz

Beccles AC Silver Fish Pairs Match (Haddiscoe): Pairs winners: M & J Youngman. Individuals: K Howlett 14lb 1oz, A Hicks 12lb 12oz, J Youngman 10lb 8oz

Norfolk and Suffolk Vets (Topcroft): M Dobson 43lb 10oz, A Sutter 43lb 7oz, D Roe 35lb 7oz. (Aldeby): A Gibbons 19lb 12oz, D Reynolds 17lb 11oz, J Hammond 13lb 7oz. (Bergh Apton): P Manthorpe 87lb 4oz, D Roe 86lb 10oz, E Peak 81lb 4oz

UG (Bartles Lodge): R Laytham 36lb 0oz, G Dashwood 32lb 8oz, L Dashwood 25lb 0oz

Wymondham (Litcham): D Bates 84lb 12oz, D Jarvis 70lb 12oz, J Ducker 49lb 12oz

Stalham (Holly Farm): A Watson 100lb 0oz, M Seaman 97lb 13oz, K Lawson 75lb 12oz

Wagglers (Hill Farm): M Mantle 44lb 13oz, B Able 33lb 9oz, M Collins 25lb 11oz

Costessey Crown (Melton Ponds): C Watker 21lb 6oz, M Cook 21lb 4oz, M McEwen 18lb 12oz

Holt SAC (Kelling): W Beeton 4lb 1oz, H Randell 3lb 2oz, P Loke 2lb 10oz

Zenith (Topcroft): S Barnes 78lb 11oz, J Read 57lb 6oz, B Smith 28lb 10oz

Codgers (Colton): M Girling 45lb 11oz, J Tink 32lb 7oz, R Taylor 21lb 13oz

Abbey Waters: B Martin 26lb 6oz, R Taylor 18lb 14oz, R Barker 18lb 12oz

Freed Man (Barford): S Humphrey 65lb 2oz, K Pope 48lb 14oz, K Didwell 48lb 4oz

Oddfellows (Railway): J Gill 74lb 12oz, D Mason 56lb 6oz, T Gray 50lb 0oz

Supercup: Dersingham v Holbeach (Gatton): J Brooks (D) 36lb 2oz, J Collison (D) 29lb 4oz, A Playford (D) 20lb 7oz. Dersingham winners 8pp, Holbeach 16pp. PWA v North Walsham Kingfishers v Mulbarton (Burgh Castle): C Townsend (M) 31lb 12oz, S Miller (PW) 21lb 10oz; L Baker (NW) 17lb 4oz. Winners Mulbarton 14pp, PWA and NW both 17pp.


Marsh Trail Lakes Open Lake A: Saturday, draw 9am, fish 10am–4pm, £19, optional gold and silver pegs standing at £200, maximum 20-peg match, John 01502 586284 or 07766 697873

Marsh Trail Lakes Festival Weekend: May 4-5, fishing lakes A&C on alternate days, based on a points system, £40, 70% payout, daily section wins plus top four payout, David 07913 115610, John 07766 697873 or Richard 07796 437381

Barford/Fox: Tomorrow Willow, Saturday Barford, 01603 759624

Mill Farm: Sunday, Monday, 01953 452769

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