Angling results and fixtures

Club and open match results and fixtures.


Marsh Trail Lakes Open Lake C: Alex Watson 46lb 1oz, John Catchpole 41lb 8oz, Ove Jinkerson 36lb 5oz. Section A: Neil Gibbens 25lb 2oz. Section B: Nigel Knights 31lb 6oz

Bridge Farm, Litcham (Thu): Andy Deller (Oakwood Angling) 41lb 0oz, Neil Paske (Dereham & District AC) 40lb 6oz, Graham Kettle (Mulbarton DAA) 40lb 2oz. (Sun): Tony Brook (Miracle Baits) 48lb 9oz, Pete Ashton (Fakenham) 47lb 8oz, Dave Bates (Dereham & District AC) 32lb 10oz

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East Angling Pike Championship (Weybread Ocean Pit): J Holder (Sudbury) 23lb 9oz, D Taylor (Diss) 21lb 0oz, P Elvin (Diss) 16lb 6oz (heaviest fish 11lb 8oz)

Haddiscoe Series, first round: G Binks (Angling Direct) 18lb 9oz, A Gibbons (NDAA) 18lb 4oz, B Bygrave (NDAA) 18lb 0oz

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Mill Farm (Sun): B Bygrave (NDAA) 43lb 12oz, S Denmark (NDAA) 38lb 14oz, E Townsend (NDAA) 38lb 8oz. (Mon): R Finch (Deben) 36lb 8oz, S Denmark (NDAA) 35lb 5oz, M Paske (Dereham) 33lb 2oz

Hill Farm, Banham: C Wright (Lopham) 43lb 1oz, C Spelman (Nomads) 38lb 7oz, B Able (Norwich) 25lb 11oz

Cross Drove (Wed): M Pollard (Shimano) 69lb 8oz, B Wessells (Bait Tech) 49lb 8oz, R Bond (Bury) 38lb 12oz. (Sat): R Finch (Deben) 69lb 14oz, R Bond (Bury) 47lb 8oz, T Evans (Dynamite) 43lb 14oz. (Sun): D Reeve (Daiwa AD) 54lb 14oz, H Kemp (Lowestoft) 32lb 12oz, J Heaps (Popletts) 32lb 2oz

Barford (Thurs): D Cooper (PWA) 34lb 5oz, A Hilton (Long Stratton) 31lb 15oz, B Anderson (Norwich) 24lb 1oz. (Sat): C Cooper (PWA) 96lb 2oz, M Harman (Martham) 50lb 6oz, W Martin (Barford Tackle) 42lb 11oz

North Norfolk Sea League & Holt AC (Kelling): W Beeton (Holt) 7lb 0oz, P Thorburn (Holt) 5lb 0oz, T Gibbs (Holt) 4lb 7oz. Teams: North Norfolk Lads 5 penalty points, Holt Crack Off 7, Gutterbashers 11.


Harleston, Wortwell & Dist AC (Middle Pit): Karl Redgrave 31lb 10oz, Chris Knights jnr 30lb 8oz, Steve Timberlake 9lb 15oz

Dereham & District AC (Wicklewood): John Laskey 60lb 6oz, Neil Paske 51lb 15oz, Steve Brown 36lb 5oz

Stalham AC (Stalham Boatyards): Dave Paynter 10lb 3oz, Tony Wilkinson 8lb 6oz, Terry Shipley 5lb 13oz

Jolly Boys (Cobbleacre): J Randell 33lb 11oz, B Coe 24lb 7oz, D Goodwin 14lb 8oz

North Walsham Kingfishers (Melton Ponds 4): Bob isbell 62lb 8oz, Del Sparks 44lb 9oz, Roy Turton 41lb 3oz

Shrublands AC (River Waveney): S Lake 5lb 11oz, S Edmonds 4lb 11oz, S Howlett 4lb 10oz

Norfolk and Suffolk Vets (Beccles) (Tues): D Row 9lb 2oz, J Beckham 9lb 1oz, P Manthorpe 7lb 13oz. (Thurs): P Manthorpe 18lb 0oz, D Roe 13lb 12oz, C Davey 13lb 8oz

Dukes (River Wensum): C Sadler 13lb 6oz, C Urry 13lb 3oz, S Janes 12lb 7oz

Earlahm Silvers (River Wensum): D Gooch 13lb 13oz, S Holman 10lb 15oz, P Swan 9lb 7oz

Zenith (Holly Farm): B Smith 20lb 13oz, S Barnes 20lb 1oz, R Napper 16lb 2oz

Costessey Crown (Railway): N Cooke 43lb 12oz, J Pulsford 32lb 0oz, C Reynolds 15lb 0oz

Attleborough (Hinderclay): C Wright 21lb 15oz, R Scarfe 19lb 8oz, M Peek 15lb 12oz

Codgers (Railway): R Taylor 52lb 12oz, M Girling 46lb 12oz, M Buxton 41lb 7oz

Codgers (Railway): G Bannister 41lb 8oz, A Penman 40lb 12oz, A Farrow 39lb 12oz

Oddfellows (Barford): J Gill 53lb 10oz, G Mason 35lb 0oz, D Mason 25lb 0oz

CMG (Barford): D Stilwell 26lb 6oz, K Emmett 22lb 6oz, D Lewis 18lb 13oz

Bartrams (Abbey Waters): M Arbon 32lb 3oz, K Preston 17lb 1oz, S Harrold 15lb 4oz


Marsh Trail Lakes Open Lake A: Saturday, draw 9am, fish 10am–3pm, �19 per head all in fee, optional golden, silver and bronze pegs standing at �220, maximum 20-peg match, David 01502 476219 or 07913 115610

Barford/Fox: Tomorrow Willow, Saturday Gold and Silver Pairs, 01603 759624

Mill Farm: Sunday, Monday 01953 45276

Cross Drove: Saturday, Sunday 01842 828102

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