Angling results and fixtures

Open and club match results and fixtures.


Marsh Trail Lakes Open Lake A: Tony Burden 38lb 4oz, Richard Baker 6lb 0oz, Gavin Lugo 4lb 4oz. Section A: Neil Gibbens 11oz. Section B: Colin Davey 4lb 1oz

Harleston, Wortwell & District AC (Weybread Pits)

Silverfish Series Match 4 (Club Pit): Paul Cooper 8lb 5oz, Chris Knights jnr 6lb 12oz, Mac Collett 5lb 14oz. Series result: Robert Hubbard 71lb 12oz, Chris Knights jnr 58lb 15oz, Karl Dowse 47lb 10oz, Chris Smith 45lb 8oz

Cobbleacre: J Randell (Sensas) 43lb 1oz, B Coe (Norwich) 37lb 10oz, D Pike (Norwich) 35lb 9oz

Cobbleacre: A Gibbons (NDAA) 42lb 4oz, B Coe (Norwich) 29lb 10oz, D Goodwin (North Walsham) 29lb 2oz

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Haddiscoe: A Gibbons (NDAA), C Colby (Vets) both 9lb 11oz, M Coleman (Kippers) 7lb 8oz

Hill Farm, Banham: D Chadwick (Wymondham) 37lb 1oz, M Collins (Kenninhall) 19lb 4oz, B Able (Norwich) 19lb 1oz

Mill Farm: K Kindlisides (East Harling) 37lb 4oz, D Magimm (Tacolneston) 22lb 12oz, K Bird (Norwich) 20lb 8oz

National Sea League final, North Norfolk beaches: M Bell (Seaton Sluice Northumberland) 6 penalty points, S Adams (Ipswich) 8, K Morgan (Angler's Den, Eastbourne) lower weight. Teams: Prime Angling (Worthing) 63 penalty points, Seaton Sluice 85, Ipswich 97. Best local: Holt Morston Creek 8th 115. Total fish caught: 3,215, scaling 755lb

Railway (Thurs): L Williamson (Heron) 43lb 10oz, N Swallow (Heron) 19lb 7oz, J Alden (Oddfellows) 18lb 13oz. (Sat): D Jarvis (Suffolk AD) 52lb 4oz, R Smart (Barford Tackle) 46lb 7oz, K Gibson (Daiwa AD) 45lb 4oz

Willow: R King (Barford Tackle) 62lb 14oz, M Harman (Martham) 53lb 14oz, I Bailey (NDAA) 33lb 4oz

Cross Drove (Wed): A Tuck (Daiwa AD) 31lb 8oz, M Hanks (Suffolk AD) 29lb 8oz, D Shailes (Kev's) 20lb 2oz. (Sat): J Thompson (Cross Drove) 56lb 6oz, S Cowley (Cross Drove) 36lb 4oz, T Evans (Dynamite) 24lb 4oz. (Sun): N Parkinson (Dynamite) 61lb 10oz, P Hendy (Browning HR) 32lb 4oz, J Thompson (Cross Drove) 13lb 9oz


Jolly Boys (Barford Pleasure Lake): M Bunn 33lb, W Moore 29lb 2oz, G Thomas 12lb 0oz

Norwich Union AC (Shallowbrook): D Howe 8lb 1oz, D Watson 7lb 11oz, J Brewster 4lb 2oz

Norfolk and Suffolk Vets (Beccles) (Tues): C Colby 10lb 14oz, L Higgins 9lb 8oz, D Roe 9lb 3oz. (Thurs): L Higgins 11lb 1oz, M Dobson 7lb 9oz, D Roe 6lb 10oz

UG (Railway): L Carver 23lb 4oz, D Dagless 18lb 8oz, P Britcher 13lb 8oz

EAPS (Rockland): A Clarke 18lb 08oz, P Cooper 13lb 01oz, S Cary 12lb 5oz

Beccles (Waveney Cut): M Coleman 1lb 14oz, P Ginger 1lb 13oz, C Colby 1lb 10oz

Attleborough MG (Wicklewood): K Green 46lb 12oz, R Parke 44lb 13oz, T Kitchen 23lb 13oz

Aylsham (Holly Farm): J Randell 14lb 9oz, M Shore 9lb 12oz, M Seaman 7lb 12oz

Wymondham (Barford): A Farrow 43lb 8oz, P Edwards 38lb 4oz, D Jarvis 20lb 0oz

Oddfellows (Colton): R Patrick 59lb 0oz, J Stevens 45lb 0oz, G Mason 21lb 0oz

Codgers (Willow): R Harris 56lb 9oz, A Farrow 44lb 3oz, J Tink 33lb 1oz

Barford: G Rackham 20lb 0oz, M Anderson 19lb 9oz, M Baxter 17lb 14oz

Costessey Crown (Barford): M Buxton 38lb 13oz, R Yates 20lb 13oz, A Trett 12lb 4oz

Zenith (River Wensum): R Thurston 7lb 2oz, B Smith 6lb 11oz, M Elvin 6lb 9oz


Marsh Trail Lakes Open Lake C: Saturday, draw 9am, fish 10am–3pm, �19 per head all in fee, optional golden, silver and bronze pegs standing at �230, maximum 20-peg match, David 01502 476219 or 07913 115610

Harleston, Wortwell & District AC: Saturday, Club & Middle Pits, Christmas Fayre Match, draw 8.30am, fish 10am-3pm, Nigel Poll 01379 853571. Sunday, December 16, Middle Pit, Pole Only Match, SCAAA, draw 8.30am, fish 10am-3pm, Mal Runacres 01502 560197

River Wensum: Jim Bolton memorial December 27, Linda Thompson Memorial January 1. 01603 400973

Aldeby Hall: December 15, 29, 07799 767216 and 07860 517414

Mill Farm: Sunday, Monday 01953 452769

Barford/Fox: Tomorrow Willow, Saturday Barford, teams of five January 6 (cafeteria and tackle shop open Saturdays) 01603 759624

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