Angling results and fixtures

Open and club match results and fixtures.


Bridge Farm, Litcham: Martin Burggraf (Bridge Farm) 92lb 6oz, Neil Paske (Dereham & District AC) 89lb 12oz, Colin Begby (Townsend Fishery) 88lb 12oz.

Marsh Trail lakes Open Lake A: 1 Simon Elliott 48lb, 2 Frank Ling 27lb 9oz, 3 Chris Knights 23lb 7oz

Winner section (A) John Catchpole 19lb 7oz, section (B) Tony Burden 20lb

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North Cove & Barnby AC

Club Match River Waveney: 1 Reg Halliday 10lb 3oz, 2 John Oakins 10lb 2oz, 3 Jason Plume 8lb 6oz.

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Suffolk League, round 4, River Yare: M Caldecoat (Rejects) 16-11, T Anderson (DAIWA AD Gold) 15-12, M Mirgaux (Deben Select) 14-10, A Hindery (DAIWA AD Gold) 14-04, J Randell (Rejects) 13-08.

Teams DAIWA AD Gold 17, DAIWA AD Black 18, Deben Select 28.

Leading standings DAIWA AD Black 11 league points, DAIWA AD Red and Deben Select 13, DAIWA AD Gold 14.

Nisa Feeder League, river Yare: N Larkin (Nisa Feeders) 24-08, I Cochcrane (Yarmouth) 18-07, B Harding (Maver) 16-09, D Cooper (CFPS) 14-09, R Bryanton (Deben) 14-00, M Bartram (DAIWA AD) 13-08. (New website

Hill Farm, Banham: S Rouse (Martham) 110-01, D Chadwick (Wymondham) 79-02, K Clarke (Acle) 59-08.

Crossdrove: G Miller (Maver) 94-06, R Bond (Bury) 73-07, J Barrowman (PW Angling) 67-10.

Mill Farm, Thurs: R Kent (Jolly Boys) 63-04, K Clarke (Acle) 56-12, C Spelman (Nomads) 47-03.

Sun: J Turner (Buxted) 93-00, N Page (Buckingham) 69-12, A Smith (Spalding) 47-08.

Mon: N Paske (Downham) 75-08, R Kent (Jolly Boys) and M Alexander (Norwich) 48-12.

West Norfolk Challenge, Ouse Estuary: T Elliott (Lowestoft) 6-03, A Dawkins (Kent) 2-14, J Carter (Oulton Broad) and M Dawkins (Kent) 2-05.

Barford: R King (Barford Tackle) 103-03, C Cooper (Norwich) 101-12 and P Gardiner (Oddfellows) 71-15.


Norfolk and Suffolk Vets, Topcroft: P Manthorpe 40-12, M Dobson 38-02, M Runacres 29-14.

Aldeby: P Manthorpe 28-00, A Gibbons 22-08, D Roe 20-06.

Romany, Bergh Apton: I Saoulos 135-00, T Smith 126-08, S Denmark 100-12.

Martham, Park Farm: P Sparkes 48-12, K Chaplin 24-03, A Indge 18-10.

Stalham, Railway: M Charlewood 49-04, A Watson 33-06, D Paynter 19-13.

Beccles, Haddiscoe: K Howlett 54-00, K Browne 36-02, M Youngman 32-09.

Burgh Castle: M Youngman 41-04, A Gorham 27-10, K Barfield 26-10.

EAPS, Brooke: S Cary 14-01, A Clarke 8-09, R Nunn 2-11.

Alysham, Melton Ponds: R Isbell 56-02, S Sparks 32-08, M Shore 31-04.

Codgers, Cobleacre: J Thompson 33-00, A Forrest 30-06, G Bannister 22-08

Earlham Silvers, River Thurne: D Hammond 17-00, P Swan 14-11, P Toper and A Togood 13-15.

Wymondham, River Thurne: P Edwards 18-12, R Cross and A Farrow 14-08.

Viking Whallers, Holly Farm: M Moore 74-07, S Manley 41-00, G Bannister 28-10.

Costessy Crown, Barford: T Wright 144-02, C Reynolds 101-03, J Collison 86-06.

Attleborough MG, Railway: T Kitchen 94-09, M Whiles 82-06, A Scarfe 64-10.

Lacons, Barford: P Nicholls 69-11, T Hancock 57-03, T Burret 42-11.

Oddfellows, Colton: R Patrick 88-10, N Kopti 60-12, C Stevens 49-10.

Codgers, Railway: R Harris 86-10, R Taylor 81-02, A Penman 69-09.

CMG, Colton: T Brown 51-06, D Stillwell 34-02, R Laytham 17-01.

Freedman, Barford: A Humphrey 62-14, K Pope 54-12, B Thacker 40-04.

Nomads, Barford: D Wadsworth 70-11, C Humphrey 49-01, D Ramsbottom 48-02.

St Andrews, Railway: F Ling 53-08, P Yull 44-12, M Hayden 39-04.

Holt SAC, River Ouse: J Carter 2-05, M Watts 1-14, P Thornburn 1-13.

Shrublands AC V North Cove & Barnby AC (River Waveney): S Rivett (Shrub) 14lb 12oz, K Davey (NC&B) 13lb 7oz, J Oakins (NC&B) 10lb 4oz

Shrublands AC (River Waveney): S Rivett 37lb 3oz, K Hales 21lb 3oz, A Mears 12lb 2oz

Beccles Caxton PS (River Yare): S Rivett 9lb 5oz, M Youngman 7lb 12oz, A Squire 7lb 9oz

Dereham & District AC (Swanton Morley): Barry Hubbard 16lb 11oz, Neil Paske 10lb 11oz, Dave Bates and John Laskey both 7lb 3oz. (Wicklewood): Neil Paske 62lb 4oz, Dave Bates 49lb 2oz, Jim Purse 42lb 4oz

Bungay Cherry Tree AC Wissett: G Reeve 59lbs 2ozs; C Balaam 35lbs 3ozs; J Hunt 30lbs

Harleston, Wortwell & District AC, Middle Pit Juniors: 1 Jessica Knights 60lb 14oz, 2 Jake Morton 38lb 12oz, 3 Charlie Elton 32lb 14oz

Club Pit, Junior Ashford: 1 Jessica Knights 99lb 8oz, 2 Lewis Allen 49lb, 3 Jake Morton 47lb, 4 Charlie Elton 22lb 12oz

No 1 Pit Seniors: 1 Eddie Howman 21lb 10oz, 2 Karl Redgrave 14lb 5oz, 3 Mark Taylor 11lb 13oz


Bridge Farm, Litcham: Tomorrow, to book ring 01328 701699.

Marsh Trail Lakes Open: Saturday July 21 Lake C. Draw 9am fish 10 – 4pm �19 per head all in fee, Optional Golden/Silver/pegs standing at �250. Maximum 20-peg match, please phone to book. Contact Richard 01502 514682/07796 437381.

Mill Farm: July 22, 23, 01953 452769.

Barford/Fox: July 19 Willow, July 21 Railway, 01603 759624.

Crossdrove: July 21, 22, 01842 828102.

Nisa League, River Yare: July 21 01502 531776

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