Angling results and fixtures

Results and fixtures for open and club matches.

• Open matches

Bridge Farm (Litcham): Neil Paske (Downham Market) 59lb 10oz, John Rush (Dereham & District AC) 58lb 6oz, Dave Bates (Dereham & District AC) 49lb 0oz.

Marsh Trail Lakes Open Lake A: Tony Burden 23lb 11oz, Ove Jinkereson 23lb 4oz, Neil Gibbens 23lb 0oz. Section A Gary Button 17lb 5oz. Section B: Frank Ling 19lb 12oz.

NISA Feeder League, round 1, river Yare: W Anderson (DAIWA AD) 85-12, N Porter (Biggleswade) 60-02, S Haley (Suffolk AD) 39-12, P Abbott (Deben) 37-00, D Pike (Cordys Tackle) 34-05, A Southgate (Oakwood) 32-02. Other section winners: C Jakubowski 13-00, Jeanette Haliday 12-15, C Kemp 9-00, C Vandervliet 19-09, A Hindry 17-10, I Bailey 23-00, M Haverson 30-04, C Urry 28-04, T Anderson 21-12, C Keely 21-00.

Suffolk Summer League, Cross Drove: T Anderson (DAIWA AD Gold) 59-07, S Elliott (DAIWA AD Blue) 57-12, A Leathers (Deben Select) 56-00, A Colemen (Bait Tech) 53-10, S Payne (DAIWA AD Red) 46-08. Teams on day: Deben Select 15 penalty points, DAD Blue 19, DAD Red and Gold both 23. Leading standings: DAD Red 7, DAD Black 9, Deben Select 10, Bait Tech and DAD Gold both 13.

Hill Farm, Banham: D Magimm (Tacolnstone) 78-06, D Chadwick (Wymondham) 54-04, R Scrafe (AMG) 52-02.

Most Read

Mill Farm: R Kent (Jolly Boys) 45-00, S Johnson (PWA) 39-08, N Paske (Downham) 39-04. Cross Drove, Weds: S Easy (Stan Jay) 88-03, D Clark (Dynamite) 83-15, D Pearce (Wisbech) 73-11. Sat: R Heath (Chestnut) 97-03, S Wheeler (Dynamite) 73-08, N Parkinson (Dynamite) 72-08. Sun: S Wheeler (Dynamite) 127-09, N Parkinson (Dynamite) 92-02, D Pearce (Wisbech) 74-04. Willow: P Ashford (Barford Tackle) 125-05, D Gooch (Norwich) 102-13, C Cooper (Norwich) 82-00.

• Club matches

Dereham at District AC club match at Swanton Morley: 1st Barry Hubbard 39lb 6oz, 2nd Neil Paske 11lb 9oz, 3rd Kevin Knights 9lb 8oz

Dukes Evening League, Shallow Brook, round 1: S James 47-12, G Payne 19-09, R Urry 11-00. Round 2: J Lowe 39-11, S James 24-04, C Urry 14-04.

Dukes, Holly Farm: I Bailey 37-14, S James 26-01, I Spalding 16-08.

Norfolk and Suffok Vets, Topcroft: M Dobson 30-08, D Roe 23-12, M Croitph 14-09. Aldeby: D Roe 35-14, M Runacres 20-05, M Dobson 19-03.

EAPS, Brook: A Clarke 22-10, P Cooper 18-11, T Clarke 5-10. Brook: P Cooper 17-04, T Clarke 10-06, A Crabb 8-04.

Earlham Silvers, river Yare, Roach Bay: P Swan 21-10, C Hinsley 18-15, D Gooch 12-15.

Aylsham, Cobleacre: M Seaman 47-15, M Shore 41-00, C Beales 34-12.

Viking Whallers, Old Stables: G Bannister 37-10, L Hayes 12-02, R Breeze 11-00.

Bergh Apton: P Millbank 122-00, N Hunter 59-08, B Hunter 51-12.

Bakers, river Bure: D Higgs 10-11, T Pye 4-14, R Parson 4-11.

Wymondham, Fishmere: J Edwards 37-04, N Page 33-13, M Edwards 27-06.

Attleborough MG, Hinderclay: A Scarfe 42-15, K Green 28-08, R Parke 23-10.

Freedman, Barford: D Creed 63-12, K Didwell 47-12, S Chapman 43-14.

Oddfellows, Abbey Waters: J Carrey 54-12, T Gray 35-08, N Kopti 32-06.

City Works, Barford: A Ling 68-14, G Dowman 52-00, A Nobbs 46-04.

Codgers, Railway: T Wright 82-15, A Forrest 77-14, R Taylor 38-04.

Harleston, Wortwell & Dist AC – Juniors - Middle Pit: 1st Jessica Knights 67lb 7oz, 2nd Jake Morton 53lb 12oz, 3rd Lewis Allen 28lb, 4th Charlie Elton 13lb. No 1 Pit: 1st Chris Knights Jnr 50lb 4oz - 11 Bream, 2nd Edward Howman 26lb 3oz, 3rd Karl Redgrave 15lb 1oz

Norwich Union Angling Club – Norwich Union AC (Shallowbrook): M Pope 28lb 8oz, P Abbott 27lb 4oz, D Shearing 19lb 8oz

Norwich Union AC (Mill Farm): D Howe 12lb 4oz, N Walpole 11lb 8oz, S Clay 8lb

Sportsmans never turn back (Burgh Castle): 1st P Wood 27lb 2oz, 2nd D Grimwood 23lb 15oz, 3rd J Hammond 21lb 14oz

Sportsmans Never Turn Back (Besthorpe): L Arnold 82lb 13oz, K Hodgins 65lb 12oz, B Sallis 42lb 9oz

Bungay Cherry Tree Ac – Earsham Lay-By Pit: Glen Shiplee 26 lbs 10 ozs; J. Hunt 11 lbs 15 ozs; P. Dean 10 lbs 11 ozs.

• Fixtures

Bridge Farm (Litcham): Tomorrow, call 01328 701699 to book

Marsh Trail Lakes Open: Saturday, Lake C, draw 9am, fish 10am–4pm, �19 per head all in fee, optional golden or silver pegs standing at �200. Maximum 20-peg match, please call David on 07913 115610 or 01502 476219 to book. Pegs 10-25 booked Bookers AC Saturday 8am–1pm

NDAA League Teams of 4, rivers Bure and Thurne, June 24th: Draw 4.45am, Fish 6-11am (One team vacancy) 01603 400973.

Mill Farm: June 24th, 25th, 01953 452769.

Cross Drove: June 23rd, 24th, 01842 828102. Barford/Fox: June 21st Railway, June 23rd Colton, 01603 759624.