Angling results and fixtures

Open and club match results and fixtures.


Bridge Farm Litcham on 3/5/12: 1st Ricky James Southery a.c. 138lb 2oz, 2nd Dave Bates Bridge Farm 95lb 10oz, 3rd Steve Brown Dereham @ District AC 70lb. Next match is on 10/5/12 to book ring 01328701699

Bridge Farm Litcham on Sunday 6/5/12: 1st Rob Wright Image 189lb 0oz, 2nd Paul Witman Oakwood Angling 124lb 4oz, 3rd John Weedon Image 121lb 10oz.

Monday 7/5/12: 1st Rob Wright Image 128lb 8oz, 2nd Gary Eals Oakwood angling 111lb 0oz, 3rd Mick Collins Oakwood Angling 71lb.

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Wroxham Ac - Cobbleacre Giannas lake 6.5.12: 1st Alan Seman 14lb 1oz, 2nd Adam Crook 10lb 4oz, 3rd Stan Karn 5lb 15oz.

Dereham @ District a.c. match at Bartles Lodge: 1st Steve Brown 54lb 9oz, 2nd Leon Skipper 37lb 14oz, 3rd John Rush 35lb 9oz.

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Club Sportsmans never turn back

Date May 6th, Venue Martham pits:

1st S Huggins 26lb 4oz, 2nd D Grimwood 16lb 3oz, 3rd R Silverwood 15lb 1oz

Marsh Trail Festival

Day 1 A Lake: J. Catchpole 14lb 14oz; R. Adams 14lb 6oz; N. Knights 13lb 5oz;

Day 2 A Lake: C. Knights 33lb 2oz; M. Ranacres 30lb 9oz; F. Ling 24lb 1oz

Day 1 C Lake: M. Runacres 78lb 4oz; A. Nobbs 44lb 12oz; T. Burden 42lb 12oz

Day 2 C Lake: G. Button 70lb 4oz; S. Denmark 64lb 15oz J. Catchpole 57lb 8oz

Overall: Mal Runacres 3 points and 108lb 13oz; 2nd John Catchpole 4 points with 72lb 6oz. Gary Button was third overall with 7 points and 76lb 8oz.

Norfolk and Suffolk League: Hinderclay G Hubbard Diawa AD Black 72lb 8oz, R King Rejects BT 67lb 15oz, B Wessells Bait Tech 65lb 6oz

Teams: Diawa AD Black 16PP, Hinderclay 24PP, Angling Direct Red and Diawa AD Blue both 26PP.

Hill Farm Banham: C Wright Lopham 55lb 11oz, C Spellman Martham 51lb 5oz, D Maygimm Tacolston 36lb 8oz.

Mill Farm Thursday: K Clark Mulbarton 49lb 8oz, D Maygimm Tacolston 34lb 8oz, R Kent Jolly Boys 27lb 12oz

Sunday: P Macrow Thetford 29lb 0oz, D Pecker Thetford 17lb 10oz, C Nicholls Norwich 17lb 06oz.

Monday: Y Saoulos Norwich 48lb 0oz, C Nicholls Norwich 40lb 14oz, S Denmak Norwich 40lb 4oz.

Cross Drove (Wed): R Finch (Deben) 74lb 8oz; J Chalk (Hooked) 64lb 4oz; M Pollard (Shimano) 64lb 1oz. (Sat): M Pollard (Shimano) 80lb 2oz; I Shipp (Cross Drove) 64lb 4oz; R Finch (Deben) 54lb 15oz. (Sun): M Pollard 86lb 8oz; P Yeomans (Big Hits) 83lb 0oz; B Norman (Kev's) 75lb 0oz. Hinderclay: M Crowe (Daiwa AD) 71lb 3oz; S Greatbatch (Hinderclay) 61lb 5oz; A Coleman (Bait Tech) 51lb 12oz. Willow: C Hall (Norwich) 61lb 7oz; R Patrick (Oddfellows) 59lb 12oz; S Clark (Norwich) 58lb 3oz. Colton: K Gibson (Daiwa AD) 82lb 10oz; J Jarvis (Suffolk AD) 76lb 2oz; R Gill (Barford Tackle) 67lb 1oz.

Aldeby Hall Fisheries Opens – Bridge Water, Wednesday 2nd May (evening): 1st T Gibbons 28lbs 14oz, 2nd M Dodds 24lbs 02oz, 3rd A Squires 17lbs 07oz.

Bridge Water, Saturday 5th May: 1st G Binks (Suffolk AD) (32lbs 07oz), 2nd M Dobson (25lbs 02oz), 3rd M Pollard (24lbs 15oz).

Next matches: Bridge Water, Wednesday 9th May (draw 5.30pm); Saturday 12th May (draw 9.00am) (phone 01502 677363).


Norfolk and Suffolk Vets

Topcroft: M Dobson 83lb 14oz, M Runacres 76lb 1oz, R Brand 47lb 2oz

Aldeby: D Rowe 43lb 4oz, P Manthorpe 41lb 0oz, M Dobson 19lb 5oz

EAPS - Brook: P Cooper 20lb 12oz, S Cary 9lb 14oz, A Crabb 9lb 8oz

UG - Topcroft: L Caver 13lb 6oz, L Dashwood 10lb 12oz, T Ship and R Laytham 7lb 8oz.

Stalham Willow: A Toogood 58lb 2oz, K Lawson 55lb 12oz, E Waters 47lb 2oz

Martham Railway: M Harman 72lb 4oz, S Rouse 71lb 0oz, P Haywood 70lb 0oz

Zenith Barford: J Read 108lb 11oz, G Elvin 64lb 13oz, R Thurson 36lb 15oz

Norfolk Police Hilgay: P Creasy 184lb 9oz, D Cole 100lb 0oz, D Ringwood 92lb 2oz

Wymondham Swangey: A Farrow 20lb 0oz, P Edwards 19lb 3oz, I Newitt and N Page 10lb 10oz

City Works, Willow: J Strickland 33lb 14oz; P Hatch 29lb 0oz; A Ling 26lb 15oz. Freed Man, Railway: K Pope 35lb 4oz; D Creed 34lb 12oz; A Humphrey 31lb 0oz. CMG, Barford: D Stilwell 69lb 6oz; T Brown 59lb 0oz; G Cairns 55lb 2oz. Lacons, Barford: T Porter 50lb 10oz; A Zagdan 49lb 1oz; A Howes 38lb 12oz. Oddfellows, Abbey Waters: N Kopti 48lb 6oz; M Cleere 26lb 0oz; D Mason 22lb 8oz. Freed Man, Colton: M Rogers 39lb 10oz; A Humphrey 25lb 4oz; P Lovett 24lb 4oz. Codgers, Abbey Waters: M Girling 38lb 14oz; R Taylor 30lb 7oz; L Byford 19lb 2oz. Barford: T Wright 51lb 1oz; R Harris 41lb 0oz; M Hunt 39lb 1oz. Attleborough MG, Wicklewood: R Scarfe 32lb 1oz; K Green 31lb 1oz; M Wiles 26lb 9oz. Colton: M wiles 174lb 2oz; T Kitchen 82lb 0oz; R Scarfe 74lb 2oz.


Marsh Trail, May 12, 07913 115610.

Barford/Fox, May 10 Barford, May 12 Joe Alden Memorial, 01603 759624.

Cross Drove, May 12,13, 01842 828102.

Mill Farm, May 10, 13, 14, 01953 452769.

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