Angling results and fixtures

Open and club match results and fixtures.

• Open Match Result:

North Walsham Kingfishers A.C

Barford Top Lake

1st C. Beales 62lb 15oz

2nd B. Isbell 32lb 2oz

3rd D. Jones 28lb

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North Walsham Kingfishers A.C

Venue: Shallowbrook

1st D. Jones 58lb 12oz

2nd M. Seaman 43lb 10oz

3rd K. Flood 17lb

Aldeby Hall Fisheries Open, Bridge Water,

Saturday 24th March:

1st G. Binks (Suffolk AD) (34lbs 12oz), 2nd D. Harford (33lbs 08oz), 3rd M. Runacres (30lbs 09oz).

Bridge Farm Litcham on Thursday 22/3/12

1st Dave Bates Kevs tackle 229lb 10oz

2nd Chris Townsend Mulbarton A.C. 56lb 4oz

3rd Sean Greatbatch Hinderclay 40lb 6oz

Peg 13 was not unlucky for Dave Bates as he plundered 229.10.0 of carp to 8lbs to set a new lake record.

Bridge Farm Litcham on Sunday 25/3/12

1st James Parnell W P Angling 85lb 14oz

2nd Ricky James Southerly 45lb 10oz

3rd Martin Shelldrake Thetford Angling 41lb 8oz

Harleston, Wortwell & Dist. Ac

Last Chance Open - Middle Pit

1st Chris Knights Jnr 108lb 2oz

2nd Justin Hunt 56lb 11oz

3rd Karl Redgrave 55lb 8oz

4th Chris Knights Snr 45lb

North Norfolk Division Sea League final round, Bacton: H Randell (Holt Right Gear) 1-05, T Thomas (Holt Morston Creek) 1-02, A Doy (Avenue Angling) 1-01. Teams on day: Avenue Angling 6 penalty points, Right Gear 9, Cracks Offs 10. League placings: Right Gear (D Conway, P Loke, H Randell, J Carter, W Beeton) 47, Avenue Angling 52, Morston Creek 55, Crock Offs 78, Blakeney Bar 87. Mill Farm, Sun: S Denmark (Norwich) 23-04, C Nicholls (Norwich) 17-08, L Hall (Somerton) 13-08. Mon: R Finch (Deben) 80-12, D Baglietto (Kev's) 33-12, D Maginn (Tacolston) 32-08. Hill Farm, Banham: C Wright (Lopham) 52-13, D Maginn (Tacolston) 47-04, D Chadwick (Wymondham) 33-12. Railway, Thurs: G Kiddell (Norwich) 57-00, K Gibson (Yarmouth) 49-15, T Martion (Suffolk) 37-05. Sat: A Playford (Angler's Corner) 113-13, W Martin (Barford Tackle) 84-08, D Jarvis (Suffolk AD) 81-00. Crossdrove, Weds: M Pollard (Shimano) 66-15, S Easy (Stan Jay) 53-02, J Barrowman (PW Angling) 51-06. Sat: M Pollard (Shimano) 47-08, J Heaps (Popletts) 39-13, N Parkinson (Dynamite) 37-04. Sun: G Kiddell (SENSAS) 68-00, R King (Barford Tackle) 51-08, S Payne (DAIWA AD) 50-15. Hinderclay, Sat: A Holmes (Hinderclay) 52-04, A Coleman (Bait Tech) 45-15, J Odey (Methwold) 41-06. Sun: W Martin (Barford Tackle) 42-12, C Kelly (DAIWA AD) 33-10, W Anderson (DAIWA AD) 28-15.

• Club Match Results:

Norfolk and Suffolk Vets, Topcroft: D Brand 55-04, M Runacres 32-05, J Beckham 30-02. Norfolk and Suffolk Vets, Aldeby: D Hartford 27-04, D Roe 19-04, J Beckham 12-10. Wymondham, Fishmere: M Edwards 60-12, R Cross 46-12, A Farrow 30-08. Stalham, Holly Farm: A Agass 80-10, D Gipson 62-08, K Lawson 59-04. Costessy Crown, Barford: R Yates 100-11, C Watker 77-08, C Reynolds 52-02. Attleborough MG, Walnut Lake: M Peek 63-10, A Scarfe 57-12, R Park 56-12. Oddfellows, Colton: G Mason 102-01, J Carey 81-12, M Kopti 72-05. Freedman, Railway: S Chapman 34-00, P Lovatt 16-12, A Humphery 11-00. Codgers, Barford: M Girling 84-08, A Forest 46-08, J Tink 37-03. CMG, Colton: S Stillwell 56-02, T Baxter 52-04, G Cairns 40-04. Codgers, Willow: R Harris 52-14, L Byford 46-08, P Yull 44-12. Codgers, Abbey Waters: R Taylor 58-04, M Girling 49-04, A Forest 29-14. Freedman, Abbey Waters: K Pope 30-08, K Rogers 22-00, S Chapman 12-08.

• Fixtures:

Open Match

Aldeby Hall, Bridge Water, Saturday 31st March (phone 01502 677363).

Mill Farm: April 1st, 2nd, 6th, 01953 452769. Barford/Fox: March 29th Pleasuer Lake, March 31st Railway, 01603 759624. Crossdrove: March 31st, April 1st, 01842 828102. AT/VDE Super Cup Draw: Dersingham v PW Angling, Harleston and Wortwell v North Walsham Kingfishers. Wroxham and DAC Melton Ponds working partys March 31st (All day) April 4th (Evening) April 14th and 21st (All day)

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